New Cat Condos Stairway Cat Tree for Large Cats

4 perch cat tree for large cats

It doesn’t get better than this.  Your cat will have it made in the shade—or sun! I love this tower because it is a nice attractive addition to any room.  There are four roomy perches/beds for your large cat (or cats) to climb and spend a lazy afternoon of bird watching or just taking a nap.  This tower is one of the few I’ve seen with high sides like cat beds.  Kitty won’t roll off like they might on a flat platform.  The sides also keep kitty warmer and they can hide behind them and spy on those unsuspecting nuthatches and blue birds in the feeder.  The sides keep kitty warmer too.

Video from New Cat Condos 

What You Should Consider When Buying a Cat Tree

When buying a cat tower always look for one that looks balanced and designed to not wobble and sway. Look for nice large platforms that will give your cat room to play and sleep. If you have an older cat or one with short legs like a Himalayan or Persian, you might want a tower with not too much space between the platforms. A scratching post will give kitty something all his own to scratch rather than your furniture and walls. Look for a heavy tower, the heavier the better, with thick comfy carpeting or padding for comfortable sitting and sleeping.

Cat Tree Features

This cat tree for large cats fits the bill and offers 65 inches of fun with four 17’’ round perches with 7’’ high sides. Your big guy won’t be pressed for space on this tower. It’s the perfect tower for multiple cats and there’s even room in these perches for two medium sized cats to snuggle!  The tower is made of high quality wood, carpet, and un-oiled sisal rope and it’s sturdy, comfortable, and safe.  It’s handcrafted in the U.S. and only requires minimal assembly with no tools required.  The New Cat company sells high quality cat furniture at a low cost.  Based in Phoenix Arizona New Cat is no fly by night company, it’s been creating cat furniture for 35 years.

The overall dimensions are 24’’ wide x 20 inches deep x 65 inches high. At almost 5 ½ feet tall your cat can look down on this kingdom without the tower being too tall and less stable. 

  • It provides cats with a scratching post at a good height
  • It weighs a nice heavy 55 pounds making it nice and stable.
  • The company offers free shipping.
  • There’s plenty of room so it’s great for large cats and multi-cat families
  • Although carpet color and textures may vary the colors are attractive and neutral: beige, brown, gray, green, blue, pink, and purple. Enough colors to work well with any room color.
  • Spot clean (hair balls can get messy) and vacuum clean
  • The round perches are evenly spaced and easy to scale to the top.
  • The base is nice and wide providing stability and is of solid wood.
  • There’s a handy opening to each perch for easy access


What Other Users Thought 

Users who have reviewed this cat tree online are impressed with the size of the beds and the ease of assembly. Some feel the carpet is less than durable, but most have no problem with it. It seems to be a hit with kittens and large adult cats alike.


This cat tower is built for large breed cats and it delivers what it promises. The beds/perches are roomy enough for even the largest Main Coon or Himalayan. It’s designed to provide the stability that large cats need and is an attractive addition to any room.

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