New Cat Condos Premier Cat Scratch and Lounge

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I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to find cat furniture for large breed cats, much less three of them!  Often companies will build cat towers for a mix of cat sizes. I understand why they try to cover all of their bases but too often many of the features go unused when the cats who own it are all one size—large.  Smaller cats can usually enjoy larger perches but that does not hold true for large cats.  A large cat on a small perch resembles bread dough that has risen over the boundaries of the pan.

What I like about ‘’New Cat’’ is that they offer towers and cat trees for large cats.  And what I like about this one is it fits the bill in style.  This perch is 32 inches tall which is about window sill height.  I’ve learned from customers that is usually what they are looking for. 

There’s three levels for one or more cats to enjoy. The lower levels are ‘’U-shaped’’ which many cats like. Why? They make a cat feel secure. They’re a lot like a hug.     

At 20 inches square there’s still a good deal of room for a large cat to comfortably use it for naps and outdoor entertainment. This, like most New Cat products, comes fully assembled.

Features of this cat tree for large cats

  • The perch is 20 inches x 20 inches x 32 inches high
  • It provides a good place to while away the hours for at least 3 cats
  • If used as a multi-cat window seat one cat will be facing the wrong direction so it may be only practical for two cats for this use
  • This perch is made from quality materials—solid wood, household grade carpet and sisal rope
  • Some customers complained about the access opening in the top level
  • Some customers also complained that their cats used the carpeted posts to scratch on leaving carpet yarn to clean up

I can sympathize with this. It’s never a good idea to teach, perhaps unwittingly, a cat to scratch on carpet. A cat cannot distinguish his carpet from our carpet.  And it can make a mess, as well as, rather quickly ruin a good post, perch or tower.  If you know your cat likes to scratch on carpet a perch covered with plush fabric might be a better option.  Or if ordering this perch from the company all sisal covered posts can be requested. It costs more but may add years of life to the perch. In the long run it’s worth it.

In all, there were very few negative reviews from customers, a full 80% of cats and humans gave it two paws up.

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