Modern Cat Tree Buyers Guide – 13 Stunning Designs

Our Top 3 Modern Cat Trees for Living in style

We’ve found a vast array of modern climbing structures that suit every lifestyle and, more importantly, every budget. If you’re going to have a cat tree, shouldn’t it be stylish? Wouldn’t you rather your fur baby climb an elegant cat tree than your elegant curtains? Functional doesn’t have to mean utilitarian, and pet owners who are spending savvy don’t have to sacrifice sophistication. Here are our top 3 modern cat trees. Scroll down further to see more!

1. Good Life Deluxe Modern Design Cat Tree

Living in style

We’ve found a vast array of modern climbing structures that suit every lifestyle and, more importantly, every budget. If you’re going to have a cat tree, shouldn’t it be stylish? Wouldn’t you rather your fur baby climb an elegant cat tree than your elegant curtains? Functional doesn’t have to mean utilitarian, and pet owners who are spending savvy don’t have to sacrifice sophistication.

What should you look for in a modern cat tree?

By definition, modern means a departure from anything traditional. We encourage you to explore climbing structures that break the mold, but it’s important to remember that all cat trees have the same function: to give your pet a comfortable and safe place to practice good claw health, play, rest and climb. Before matching the tree to your decor, you should still consider the following:


Your cat is going to scratch the cat tree. Constantly. That means all fabrics that cover your structure should be soft, snag-proof and non-toxic. Some good choices include sisal, jute and cardboard. Be aware of strings or toys attached to the tree; do they come loose easily? Do the toys shred or unravel with rough play? The dividends of investing in a well-made cat tree include the safety and comfort of your pet.


Regardless of your pet structure’s height or width, the base should be wide and solid. Ideally, each tree would come with anti-toppling features such as wall straps or arms that affix to a wall for added security.

Number of Pets

Cats are territorial and often operate in a hierarchy. If you have multiple fur buddies, your cat tree should have enough perching and climbing areas to accommodate all of them. Conversely, you may consider buying more than one cat tree for different parts of the house, which will not only keep the peace, but turn your living space into an adventure safari.

Our Top Modern Cat Trees:

Good Life Deluxe Modern Design Cat Tree House

Owners of this model from Good Life love the natural, unfinished wood; its light colour blends seamlessly with most decor and provides a clean, modern finish. With an unprecedented amount of space for play and lounging, your pet (or pets) will enjoy endless hours of enjoyment.

Five sisal posts are provided, which can be arranged and installed in a number of configurations. The sisal covering is strong and durable, the perfect deterrent for errant furniture scratching. At the bottom of the tree, an enclosed cat cubby provides a private space for rest and safety. Multiple levels provide ample perch space for more than one pet, or unlimited space for one very lucky kitty.

The stylish design of this tree complements your contemporary home décor while providing your kitty with a dedicated space for work, rest and play. Good Life has taken the safety of your cat – and your love of modern furniture – into account with this sleek design. 

Dimensions from manufacturer: 31″Lx42.5″Wx63″H, Condo size: 19.7″x15″x15″ Entrance diameter: 7”


  • Made of solid wood
  • Sisal columns can be mixed and matched to your preference
  • Pads are removable for cleaning


  • The snaps on the basket may not hold it in place with a larger cat, or with excessive rough play

FEANDREA Medium Cat Tower

Everything old is new again, including this retro-modern tree lounge from Feandrea. More “lounger” than tree, the medium-sized structure comes in a beautifully rich dark wood veneer with contrasting white faux fur pads. The simple, sleek design is reminiscent of something you might find in an Alpine cottage overlooking snow-capped mountains.

The white pads are attached with hook-and-loop fasteners, and can be easily removed for cleaning. Composed of rugged engineered wood, the base is wide and flat, providing stability, even with repeated use. The supporting beam is wrapped top to bottom in sturdy sisal, perfect for keeping sharp claws where they belong. Soft seating throughout gives kitties a time-out space, perfect for lunging, sleeping, or hiding.

Marrying form and function, the Feandrea lounge is ideal for pets seeking an indoor retreat. Whether sharpening their claws, or sleeping (perchance to dream), world travellers and cat-nappers alike will fall in love with this beautiful, Nordic structure.

Dimensions from manufacturer: 66 x 42 x 88 cm 26” X 16.5” X 34.65” (L x W x H)


  • Low height is suitable for older, less mobile cats 
  • Mats are removable and washable
  • Comes with tools and detailed assembly instructions


  • Some users claimed the drilled holes were mis-aligned and couldn’t accommodate the dowels 

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

The Zen-like design of its curved silhouette makes the Lotus Cat Tower more akin to sculptural art than cat tree, but owners of this model love its blend of symmetry, minimalism and functionality.

Multiple stepped shelves provide a space for your entire fur-family, allowing everyone to have their own designated space. At the top, your pet can perch almost six feet off the ground, allowing great visibility over his kingdom. A hideaway cushioned cubby on the bottom level provides sanctuary in the event of spontaneous meditation, and also strengthens the weight of the base for sturdiness and stability.

The bedding is covered in washable faux suede and platforms are covered in soft Berber carpeting, which is attached to the pedestals with Velcro for easy removal and cleaning. A sisal pad runs along one side of the contoured frame to promote scratching and great nail health.

If you like minimalist design that blends beautifully with your decor, the Lotus is a great addition to your living space.

Dimensions from manufacturer: 20 x 20 x 69 inches


  • Tools are included
  • Washable faux suede covers
  • Great for multiple cats


  • On the higher end of the price spectrum
  • The top perch may not be ideal for larger cat breeds 

Made4Pets All-in-One Modern Cat Tree

When Made4Pets claims this tree is “all-in-one”, you can believe it. The base plate is adjustable, which means you can change the angle and reconfigure it to accommodate your living space and your cat-climbing needs. The base can be moved around four different ways; you can keep it as one large square, or make it longer depending on your preference.

The design is truly modern. Instead of covering the tree in low-impact carpet (which can pile and shred), the structure is constructed from CARB-certified natural particle board and covered in natural-looking wood grain veneer, making it appear more contemporary and upscale. The neutral gray color scheme matches well with nearly any interior and blends seamlessly with your decor.

Multi-level platforms have soft mats, allowing your pet to jump from tier to tier without risk of injury, and the roomy condo/cubby is mid-level (rather than at the base) which is perfect for cats who feel more secure when they’re further from the ground. A soft, fluffy hammock provides a luxurious napping experience, and spacious perches are great spots for lounging and stretching. All of the posts are covered top to bottom in sisal for sharpening and protecting their claws.

Whether your pet prefers to climb, perch or catch a private snooze, the Made4Pets All-in-One Modern Cat Tree covers every amenity in one elegant cat structure.

Dimensions from manufacturer: 27.6 x 23.6 x 43.3 inches


  • Platforms have generous width, which is great for larger cats
  • Dual towers, multiple posts and a solid, wide base promote stability
  • Professional customer service is available before and after your purchase


  • Some of the instructions were difficult to read (some items weren’t labelled properly) 

Good Life Modern Deluxe Cat Tree

One of the comments we receive the most often about cat trees is how they look like…well, cat trees. Good Life aimed to design something that was functional for pets, but esthetically pleasing for their humans. The modern wood look and feel of this structure feels more like mid-century retro furniture than an imposing climbing thing for cats.

The varied levels, paired with a kitty condo and multiple scratching surfaces make the Modern Deluxe Cat Tree a great activity centre for nearly every finicky feline. Perfect for small to medium-sized cat breeds, the elevated condo provides a safe haven for cat-nappers and hide-and-seekers alike, and the sisal-covered support posts help encourage positive scratching habits and good nail health.

A furry teaser toy dangles from the top perch to encourage playtime, and the removable pads are machine washable. Our only point of concern lies with the top perch, which is the same width as the condo below it. This might discourage jumping to or otherwise accessing the top of the tree.

Overall, the simple design and unimposing profile make the Good Life Modern Deluxe Cat Tree a good choice for pet owners with adequate floor space and a love of all things modern.

Dimensions from manufacturer: Base – 27.5” x 18” – Overall Height – 47” – Condo – 14.5” x 14.5” x 13.4 with a 7” opening


  • Easy to assemble
  • Wipes clean to remove fur and accidents
  • Blends well with furniture and existing decor


  • Some reviewers felt the uncovered levels were too slick for their pets
  • The top tier is difficult to access

POTBY 4 Level Cat Tower

Covered in gorgeous walnut veneer, the POTBY cat tower is sturdy, modern and elegant. Constructed with CARB-certified particle board and anti-toppling fittings, you can rest assured that the health and well-being of your fur family were taken into consideration.

The tree has two cushioned platforms and two hidey-houses, allowing more than one kitty to perch and observe the outside world, or have a private snooze. Quite simply, your pets will have more space to jump, climb, sleep and play without disrupting the status quo. Multiple sisal-covered scratching posts are provided to keep claws where they belong, and the soft, padded mats are all removable for quick and easy cleaning.

This structure is easy to assemble and comes with both comprehensive instructions and tools, so even if you aren’t handy by nature, putting this tree together is a breeze. Suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels, the POTBY cat tower is evidence that safe and cozy can also be affordable, modern and elegant.

Dimensions from manufacturer: 30*16*54 inch (76*40*137cm)


  • Easy to assemble
  • Neutral coloring is perfect for most interiors
  • Uncovered areas are easy to clean, and pads are washable


  • Some owners claimed there was a chemical smell when they opened the box, so pieces will need to be aired out 

Sebastian Modern Cat Tree

We had to look twice to make sure the Sebastian Cat Tree wasn’t actually furniture. While it has multiple levels for playing and discovering, there are also separate spaces for you to place home decorations and non cat-related tchotchkes.

Available in shiny black or white finish, this minimalist structure has a sisal scratching pad on the first level, and carpet on the second and fourth levels for relaxing comfort. A secret cubby hole provides the perfect hiding space for your pet and can accommodate larger cats. The glossy lacquered finish is made of non-toxic, lead-free paint, so you can be sure that your fur family’s safety is top of mind.

Easily assembled, the Sebastian Modern Cat Tree comes with detailed instructions, so you can

enjoy a tree that actually looks like it belongs in your home. If your fur-buddy likes to perch with style and you like keeping your knick knacks where they belong, this is a great addition to your living space.

Dimensions from manufacturer: 22 x 22 x 67 inches


  • Well-constructed design   
  • All parts are well-packed and protected with bubble wrap during shipping


  • Assembly may require an extra set of hands
  • Does not come with anti-toppling fixtures
  • Some reviewers felt the uncovered levels were too slippery for their cat

Good Life 47″ Modern Deluxe Cat Tree

If your cat loves playing inside boxes, this cubist, modern cat tree has a clean profile and a smooth, lacquered surface, which is easy to keep clean and integrates beautifully with the rest of your decor.

Multiple levels and scratching surfaces make for an adventure-filled day. Whether your active cat is jumping from platform to platform, or relaxing at the summit whilst surveying his kingdom, the solid construction and clean lines ensure that he’s operating in style. Top levels are open-ended, which visually open up the space, while the condo at the bottom is closed for privacy, while offering structural stability. 

The materials used in the construction are top-notch. There’s a plush faux fur bed lining the condo cube, and additional plush mats can be placed on the various tiers to prevent slipping. The posts are wrapped in sisal, which not only promotes good scratching, but complements the structure’s neutral color scheme.

This well-balanced, modern interpretation of a cat tree is suitable for lounging, resting and playing, and will quickly become both home and haven to your four-legged friends.

Dimensions from manufacturer:

Base – 17.7” x 17.7”
– Overall Height – 47”
– Condo – 15.7” x 15.7” x 15.7″ with a 8.2” opening


  • Solid base and sturdy construction provides security for your pets
  • A good choice for multiple cats


  • The slick surfaces can become slippery for small paws

Unipaws Wooden Cat Activity Tree

When we first observed the Unipaws activity tree, we thought it was a planter or shelf for knick knacks. It’s easy to see why: the climbing “tiers” look more like rounded shelves; in fact, two of the platforms can be rotated and adjusted to create a choose-your-own-adventure-themed climb. The sturdy wood construction has an anti-toppling design so the structure stays put, no matter how your fur-buddy likes to exercise.

Each platform features a scratching mat which can be removed for cleaning, and a hole wide enough for peeking, climbing and surprising cat friends. The tree itself is made from wood, which is both durable and environmentally-friendly, and ensures you’ll have it for years to come. The elegant wood grain finish makes it a sleek, modern addition to your decor, and gives your fur family an exclusive place to play.

Dimensions from manufacturer: 49.48 inches high and 23.62 inches wide


  • Features a simple, modern design
  • Multiple shelves can accommodate more than one cat
  • Comes with anti-toppling anchors for additional security


  • Some users with very active cats felt it could use extra weight at the base

Majestic Pet Luxe Modern Cat Tree

Based in Irvine, CA, Majestic Pet Products, Inc. started in 1994 with the production of dog collars and leashes. Since then, they have expanded their offerings to include cat trees, and the Pet Luxe Modern Cat Tree does not disappoint. 

Unlike other open-ended cat trees, this model has full side supports to enhance structural integrity and prevent wobbling. Light and minimalist, this modern cat tree has a beautiful natural design and neutral color palette, which is perfect for most interiors.

Scratching posts and pads on the walls of the structure are covered in natural sisal to keep your furniture safe, and the soft, padded perch at the top of the tree is perfect for long cat naps. A feathered sisal ball toy dangles from the top platform, just begging to be played with.

Light and lovely, the Pet Luxe Modern Cat Tree by Majestic looks like it leapt from the pages of an Ikea catalogue. Clean, bright and contemporary, this structure has an earthy sensibility and unique wooden design that would be a great addition to any modern home.

Dimensions from manufacturer: 48 in. X 23 in. X 16.5 in. (H x W x L)


  • Its clean design complements your existing furniture
  • Scratching posts and pads are covered by sisal and perfect for strengthening claws


  • Some owners claim the shipment came with loose or missing screws

FrontPet Modern Cat Tree Tower

At first glance, this space-age structure looks like something out of the Jetsons. Four gently-rounded levels ladder up to a wide, flat platform at the top. Each tier is covered with a sisal mat, providing traction and a durable scratching surface. The mats can be easily removed for cleaning, which ensures the long-lasting, clean look of this cat tree. As an added bonus, there’s a built-in double bowl platform at the base, a convenient space-saving feature that provides convenient access to food and water.

The unfinished wood can be painted or stained to match your home’s interior, but we prefer the natural, pristine look of natural wood. The levels are spaced perfectly for jumping and climbing, and most buyers of this model have celebrated its stability, even during feline roughhousing.

If you’re looking for a cat tree that could be mistaken for an exotic piece of furniture, the FrontPet Modern Cat Tree Tower pairs stylish design and high-quality materials with your cat in mind. 

Dimensions from manufacturer:  Height:60” Base: 30”x23” Bowls: 5” Diameter


  • Affordable, mid-range price
  • Sisal mat pads are removable for easy cleaning


  • Does not come with anti-toppling features such as straps or wall fasteners

Kinbor Cat Tree and Towers Modern Cat Condo

We haven’t seen any reviews for this cat tower yet, but it won’t be long before people are singing the Kinbor Cat Tree’s praises. This stable, solid, modern cat structure has so many amenities, your fur babies might forget they have humans!

At the base of the structure, which features clean lines and a curved silhouette, a luxury condo sits, lined with incredibly soft faux, ready to house a napping cat. The same plush material lines each of the platforms, and as with other cat trees, they can be removed for cleaning. 

A sisal-wrapped post near the top provides hours of scratching and claw sharpening, while a soft, luxe hammock swings softly at the top, perfect for lazy afternoons and speculating about one’s feline existence. A running tunnel in the centre features an adorable cat motif (in case you were wondering who it’s for!)

Whether your pets are climbing, jumping, relaxing or sleeping, there is something for everyone with four paws in this modern, luxury cat structure. 

Dimensions from manufacturer: 23.2″ L x 30.7″ W x 61.4″ H


  • Stylish, sculptural design
  • Plush pads are removable for cleaning


  • Does not ship to North America

VESPER V-Box, Small, Walnut

Big on style but small on space? This compact cat climber boasts modern design and a small footprint, ideal for tight spaces and kitty corners.

The cozy cubed den has two entrances for multiple cats, or for one cat making a quick exit. The cushioned overlays connect with hook-and-loop tape for easy swapping and easier cleaning. A rattan ball toy dangles from a peekaboo cutout and clicks into place with a safety closure, so your pet can avoid snags, snarls and other hazards.

Available in either white or walnut finishes, each piece is made from high-quality MDF and has a scratch-resistant surface that wipes clean. Designed to blend into the room, its small profile and modern, airy design will keep your furry felines busy for hours.

Dimensions from manufacturer: 14.57 x 14.57″, Height: 28.54″


  • Easy to assemble
  • Small and compact


Conclusion – Invest in a Modern Cat Tree

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you invest in furniture for your pet that also looks great in your home. Our list proves that safe, sturdy design can also come with elevated, modern elegance. 

That’s why we’ve placed the Good Life Deluxe Modern Design Cat Tree House at the top of our list. It’s delicate arches and smooth, fluid lines make it a contemporary addition to any home. Both lovely and practical, this modern take on cat trees has all the features of a functional climbing structure, and the “wow” appeal of modern art. The jutting sisal posts provide ample scratching while encouraging jumping and reaching from tier to tier. Visually, the structure has the modish elegance of a museum-worthy sculpture. 

If your pet needs a new tree, why not marry form and function with a modern cat tree that satisfies your feline companion while elevating your living space.

Lucie Wilkins

Lucie is a qualified RVN (Registered Veterinary Nurse) with over 10 years experience working with cats. She has had a cat companion or two in the house for as long as she can remember. Read more about Lucie here.

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