How To Make a DIY Cat Tree That Your Cat Will Love

DIY Cat Tree Natural

All caring pet owners want only the best for their furry friends. Whether we are choosing flea shampoo for cats, cat grooming gloves, or cat toys, we strive to get the safest option. If you are a fan of DIY stuff, I believe you’d love this natural wood cat tree that you can easily make at home. Read on the article to learn a step-by-step guide of building a DIY cat tree.

Step One: Choose Appropriate Materials

To make sure that the cat tree won’t have bulging corners, sharp and prickly hooks, choose smooth details. I also recommend using eco-friendly materials, including natural fabrics and wood. When using glue, you need to read the instructions very carefully, since the constituents can be harmful to the pet’s health. Your pet’s habitat should be regularly disinfected and wet cleaned.

Step Two: Design Options

First, you need to find a suitable tree trunk. Keep in mind that it should not be too thin and be able to hold the weight of the animal. You can find a dry log of a suitable size in any industrial store or wait until the special services clean up the trees so that you can get a free one.

Don’t start making a tree without having a plan. Search Pinterest or simply look through Google for cat tree designs. Choose several that suit your budget and physical ability to build. You can literally make an expensive cat tree from any famous seller that will cost you $15 max.

After you decided the design of your cat tree, go shopping, or find things in online stores. Get yourself pieces of fabrics, glue, the wood itself (in different sizes), and don’t forget about building stuff (hammers, nails, anything you might need).

Make the cat tree useful for yourself. To care for a pet requires a lot of things, including vitamins, food, etc. Consider having one box or several small boxes in your design, so you can place all cat accessories in them.

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Step Three: Make Sure It’s Safe

The most important thing is to fix the tree on the floor reliably. To do this, you need a heavy stand from several layers of plywood or a box that can be laid out with stones. For better stability, the tree can be attached to the wall.

Attach two vertical round tubes to a stable platform. Wrap everything with twine, and cover the shelves with fabrics and make open deck chairs at different levels. Remember that the material should not contain synthetic fiber.

Step Four: Enjoy!

Watching your beloved pet happily climbing around the thing you did for him by yourself is a really nice feeling. A cool-designed, useful cat tree can replace many things that you store for proper cat care, including the scratching post, litter box, cat house, or a simple sleeping place.

This post is provided by Nora Glover, a proud cat mom and leading writer of the Catademy site.

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