How Cats Are Helping Prisoners

cats in prison

Prisoners Lives Are Being Changed by Shelter Cats in Indiana, USA

These prisoners in Indiana are lucky enough to experience cat therapy while in prison.

Any cat parent will tell you, the feelings experienced when in the presence of cats are usually ones of joy, pleasure and happiness. On top of that they can easily dispel any feelings of stress, hatred and anger, commonly prevalent in prison atmospheres.

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The state of Indiana in the USA teamed up with the Animal Protection League and came up with this clever idea.

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In a project called FORWARD in 2015 they started moving shelter cats into this prison, with inmates being in charge of caring for the cats.

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The prisoners are not the only ones benefiting from this set up. Many of the cats come from troubled backgrounds, and have been stuck in shelters for a while. Socialising with the prisoners in a controlled environment helps the cats become more socialised and more ready for their forever homes.

cats in prison 11

cats in prison 11

cats in prison 12

cats in prison 13

Feeding and cleaning are some of the tasks prisoners get to take responsibility for. As well as essential cat care duties, the prisoners get to play with and groom the cats.

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cats in prison 15

cats in prison 16

The whole process can teach, compassion, love and understanding. Not only that, but being with cats is proven to lower blood pressure and fight depression, so the prisoners come away a lot calmer and generally happier. One prisoner even commented that looking after these cats taught him to love something for the first time.

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Cats can make a great addition to prisons, as they teach prisoners responsibility, while at the same time giving them the unconditional love and attention that cats are so famous for rewarding their carers with. This is something some of these prisoners have never had before. 

cats in prison 19

I condone this movement. After all, it gets cats out of shelter rooms, and it helps prisoners deal with their issues, making the atmosphere in the prison a lot more calm and relaxed. What are your opinions, do you think these prisoners deserve these lovely cats? Leave your thoughts below…

Stray Cats Move into Prison

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  1. I’m an older lady living alone. Can be lonely. My 13 year old cat is an antidote to this. We love each other and he’s warm and soft. Gives me a reason to get up in the morning. Like him there next to me in bed. And on my lap as I read. On the floor next to me at breakfast. I worry and think what I’ll do when he dies. I like the idea of cats and folks in prison. We all need/wish to love and be loved.

  2. Hi Carole. I’m glad to hear you have a cat to keep you company. They make very good companions for sure! That worry of how we will feel once our cats pass away is something I understand very well, but it’s just an unfortunate part of life we all have to live with at some point. Having worked in an animal rescue center, I can tell you first hand, there are always cats who need to be re-homed. When you’re ready, it would probably be a good idea to find another cat to love… one who would love a new home.

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