Goodlife Modern Cat Tree With 3 Floors

If your cat loves playing inside boxes, this retro-modern cat tree comes with a clean profile and smooth, lacquered surface, which integrates beautifully with the rest of your decor. If modern cat trees are your thing, check out our favourite modern cat trees here

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  • A solid base and sturdy construction provide security for your pets.
  • A good choice for multiple cats
    Plush pads are machine-washable.
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  • The slick surfaces can become slippery for small paws.
  • Does not include any additional anti-toppling devices

More About This Modern Cat Tree 

Multiple levels and scratching surfaces make for an adventure-filled day. Whether your active cat is jumping from platform to platform, or relaxing at the summit whilst surveying his kingdom, the solid construction and clean lines ensure that he’s operating in style. Top levels are open-ended, which visually open up the space, while the condo at the bottom is closed for privacy, while offering structural stability. The large holes placed throughout the tree provides hours of activity and adventure for one lucky cat, or for a few of his friends.

The materials used in the construction are top-notch. There’s a plush faux fur pad lining the condo cube, and additional plush mats can be placed on the various tiers to prevent slipping. The fabric is soft, luxurious and machine-washable for prolonged use. The tree’s posts are wrapped in sisal, which not only promotes positive scratching habits (and keeps sharp claws off your beautiful furniture), but complements the structure’s neutral, contemporary color scheme. Unlike carpeted cat trees, the smooth painted surface is waterproof, won’t attract cat hair and can be easily wiped clean.

Due to its 47” height, we do wish the structure came with straps or other anti-toppling measures, even with the solid, square base. However, if you’re concerned about safety, you can easily purchase a bracket kit from any hardware store. This well-balanced, modern interpretation of a cat tree is suitable for lounging, resting and playing, and will quickly become both home and haven to your four-legged friends.

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