Go Pet Club 72″ Tall Cat Tree With 3 Perches

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It’s large, it’s tall, and it’s pretty impressive but…

There’s not just one but two large cubby holes for cats to sleep or hide in and three large platforms. There are many levels to play on and this seems to be a cat dream come true.  The Go Pet Club 72″ Tall Cat Tree With 3 Perches looks pretty impressive. But could it be a little wobbly?


What to Look for When Shopping for Cat Trees for Large Cats

When shopping for a cat tower or tree quality materials and construction is essential. Stability is a must so they really cannot be too stable!

A common problem with tall towers is wobbling and instability. When shopping for a tower for a large cat or cats it is even more essential to look for a tower that will be solid and stable.

Because large active cats can put quite a bit of stress on the components look for wood posts. If the posts move or wiggle cats can get spooked and won’t use it. If it falls over a cat could be injured. At the very least the cat won’t go near it again.

The perches must be able to hold your cat’s weight. If you have large cats that could mean a combined weight of 60 pounds.  Cubbies must be large enough for your large cat to fit through and provide enough room for him to curl up inside.


Cat Tree Features 

The Go Pet Club 72″ Tall Cat Tree With 3 Perches is designed for medium to large cats.  The three perches are a lofty 72 inches tall and the company claims it can support cats 20 pounds and above.  It’s a formable combination of compressed wood and sisal rope. What sets this tower apart from the rest is faux fur rather than carpet.  It’s soft and very cozy.

  • There are two enclosed condos that are sized for medium and large cats. The tree open spaces above at the 6-foot level give cats the high perch they love.
  • The overall size is 33 inches wide x 22 inches long x 72 inches high.
  • The base measures 23.5 inches wide x 21.5 inches long—which worried me a little.
  • The size of the big condo is 18 inches wide x 12.5 inches long x 11.7 inches high. And the top condo is 12 inches wide x 12 inches long and 10 inches high.
  • The top 3 perches are 12.75 inches wide x 12.75 inches long. Small for a large cat such as a Main Coon or Norwegian Forest cat or even a large Siamese.


What do Owners of this Cat Tree Think About it?

The customer reviews were encouraging and for the most part glowing. But the customer reviews a few months in were not so encouraging. It seems after a few months the cat tree begins to self-destruct or at the very least move and wobble when cats play or perch on the top platforms.

One customer stated ‘’ It’s been a few months that we’ve had the cat tree. One of the top pedestals was ripped off completely when I got home one day. Upon closer inspection, the posts are essentially stapled to the foundation thing that screws into the platform. This tower is pretty cheaply made…’’

And another customer says ‘’…it wobbles. There’s just not a lot of weight to the bottom. I think a thicker heavier base would help or something a few inches wider at the base.’’



All in all, I wish I could give this a more encouraging review, but some of the customer reviews are disheartening.  It’s a great looking cat tree that comes with many benefits, plus reviews are mostly excellent. Click here to see the reviews on Amazon. Alternatively you can check out our list of cat trees for large cats.

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