Wooden Cat Tower for Large Cats from Cozy Cat Furniture

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The Cozy Cat Tower for large cats is a great little tower for big cats. This is a perfect tower for a window or a bedroom. It offers three big beds/perches and will take all your large cat can dish out—plus a few of his friends! It’s attractive to look at and will enhance any room. I love how this little tower is completely covered in plush carpet—except for the scratching post. It gives it a very expensive look without the expensive price tag.


What to Look for in a Cat Tower for Large Cats

When shopping for a quality cat tower always look for quality materials. Choose one depending on the size of your cats, their play and sleep habits, their personality, body build—some large breeds are short legged and jumping isn’t their strong suit. Also look for materials that are safe and healthy. The tower you will buy will also depend on what use it will have in your home. Is it primarily used as a window seat for entertainment and play? Is it going to be used for sleeping in the bedroom? Is it going to be used for both? I would buy this one for all of the above. And that’s the mark of a great tower.


More About This Cat Tree Tower

This one looks great and is available in five very attractive carpet colors: beige, blue, brown, gray, and green that will work for any room color scheme. Another thing I love about this tower is it is made of wood. Sometimes the towers that are in the lower price categories have cardboard poles. For large strong breeds cardboard is not a good choice. Cats are pretty hard on scratching posts and large cats are even more so. It has a nice large base to prevent falling over. I also love the deep roomy beds. These really provide privacy for sleeping, great hide and seek potential, and to hide in while stalking birds and squirrels outside a nearby window. And they’re so plush and soft.

The unoiled sisal rope is attached by staples. In my experience, if the rope is attached by staples in time the whole thing will unravel. When attached with glue, not just at the ends but all the way down the post, if the cat does manage to loosen one coil the rest will stay in place. It’s not necessarily a deal-breaker however, the rope can be glued back into place. Hot glue works best.

· Overall size is 20’’ x 26’’ x 52’’. It’s not as tall as many cats prefer but would make a great second tower or for a window tower.

· It’s solid wood and made in the U.S.

· The three beds are nice and roomy at 15 inches in diameter with 6-inch sides. Customers report the beds are large enough for an 18-pound cat.

· The carpet color and textures may vary depending on carpet availability so if you’re not flexible about the carpet this might not be the tower for you.

However, the surprise carpet color and texture might be worth it if you hate assembling things. This tower arrives nearly pre-assembled. You only have to rev up the power screwdriver to attach the top bed and the screws are already in place—all you have to do is screw them in.


What Owners of this Cat Tree Tower Think

Customer reviews are for the most part favorable. The one sticking point seems to be the top screws being crooked or difficult to screw in. All is not lost this only happened to a small minority of customers.

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All in all, this is a nice mid-size cat tower for large kitties at a mid-range price of $89.

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