Cozy Cat Furniture Corner Cat Tree Condo For Large Cats

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B007VP3OJ6&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=kittycattree 20&language=en USir?t=kittycattree 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B007VP3OJ6Here is another cat tree perch and condo from Cozy Cat Furniture.  I like this piece because it gives cats a place to hide.  All cats love to hide. For more cat tree reviews check out our cat tree section. If you’re looking for cat trees for large cats specifically, click here. 

There’s good reason and this is actually a physiological need. One reason is certainly because in the wild these predators hunt small animals, they need to stay out of sight so they can catch dinner by surprise. In their natural habitat cats are also prey and need places to hide to avoid becoming dinner.  They also need hiding places to stay warm and dry.

Our domesticated fur babies are one shade away from wild cats. Cat condos cater to our pet’s wild instincts. They also give cats their own space where they can relax and sleep.

Cat Tree Features

Cozy Cat Furniture provides some nice spaces for our cats to nap and view the world.  This one is a nice roomy: 20 inches long x 20 inches wide x 33 inches high. Again, this height is not accidental, it’s window sill height.  It’s made from solid wood, sisal rope, and household grade carpet.  It arrives at the door fully assembled.  And will be one of 5 colors: blue, green, brown, beige, or gray.

The cat condo/perch is a very nice and useful piece of cat furniture for one or more cats. It provides a nice large perch to watch birds or goldfish.  It has a nice high edge to make kitty feel safe and secure. There’s another space on top of the condo. The condo itself is a nice size place to nap or hide away in hopes dinner will run past.

The perch/condo is 20 inches square and 33 inches high overall

  • The condo is 14 ½ inches x 14 ½ inches large enough to be comfortable but small enough to make warm with body heat.
  • Fully assembled
  • Solid wood, quality carpet, and sisal for scratching
  • Strong and stable.
  • No real choice in color

What Owners of This Cat Tree Think

‘’ Perfect for my big 22 lb. boy! He knew right away that it was his and he loves it. Sturdy and comes assembled. Would definitely recommend.’’ Says one.

‘’My Maine Coon is a big, bad 25 lb. boy, and he had never met a cat tree that he wouldn’t tip over… until now. He no longer trusts cat trees, so I had to nudge him onto it, and now he’s completely comfortable climbing to his perch and spending the afternoons and evenings watching coyotes and bobcats. It’s extremely solid, with a wide base, and it only wobbles slightly when he jumps onto it.’’ Says another. (Wow, lucky cat)!

‘’ I have four cats, and one of the cats is a real fat boy. I am now ordering all real wood, and actual household carpeted cat furniture. The furniture arrived fully assembled. The company makes practical cat furniture that can withstand the rowdiest, most fat cat out there. Once you get real wood and actual carpet for about the same cost, you will never, ever go back to buying the cheaply made cat furniture again. Ever.’’ I agree.

‘’ I love the look and the carpet used for this cat condo. Unfortunately, my cat must have really loved her old cat condo as she has not used this new one once in three weeks now. She is older (17) years and we now live in a brand new environment and she is very arthritic, and it is hard for her to get to top shelf. She now prefers to sleep in a closet on the floor. Oh well. 🙁 I am hoping she might use in future. Otherwise, $dollars down the drain.’’


Cats are creatures of habit and in a new environment they need something from the old home to make them feel at home.  I hope she feels better soon. Any less than enthusiastic reviews were not about any real flaw in the product, rather it was as the one above.

Since 100% of cats and their owners like the product itself I’m giving it a two paws up.

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