Coconut Cat Litter Reviews – Healthy and Eco Friendly Cat Litter

If you have cats, litter is probably the number one feline necessity in your home, after food, love and lots of treats, of course! You’ve also probably scooped your fair share of cat litter in the past.  It can be a dusty, smelly grit that gets everywhere it’s not supposed to be. With eco friendly cat litters the whole process can be a bit more pleasant, so we put together some coconut cat litter reviews, and reviews of other eco friendly cat litters worth considering. 

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What you may be less aware of are the chemicals and materials that make up commercial cat litter: sodium bentonite, silica gel, the list goes on and on. While most of these chemical compounds are great for scooping up waste, they’re less than ideal for the long-term health of your pet. However, many cat owners are making the switch to more organic alternatives. In this post we’ll examine how traditional cat litter can do more harm than good. Below are our top picks and coconut cat litter reviews, plus litters derived from more natural materials.


Here’s Our Top Eco Friendly & Coconut Cat Litters – Reviews Below

CocoKitty Coconut Cat Litter

Coconut pith is the main ingredient of this biodegradable and organic kitty litter. Naturally spongy and absorbent, CocoKitty is soft on paws and perfect for digging or burying waste.

Touted as 100% dust free and hypoallergenic, CocoKitty has been developed with natural plant extracts and coconut-based activated carbon to absorb moisture and odor, ensuring that litter box cleaning won’t be a daily chore and eliminating the dust cloud that follows traditional clay-based litter.

Their marketing suggests that you can put used litter in the garden for a natural fertilizer, but to remove the clumps first (it’s never a good idea to put any animal waste in your garden as it might attract other furry “friends”.)

CocoKitty is promoted as having extra-strong clumping abilities, so we would suggest placing used litter where you’d normally dispose of it. CocoKitty also states that their product can be flushed “in a pinch”, which is a great alternative (just make sure your plumbing can handle it.)

We love CocoKitty for its long-lasting absorbency – one bag can last up to two months and absorb up to 10 times its own weight! This litter has maximum absorbency in a mere five-pound bag. Natural, soft and dust free, CocoKitty is a great alternative for fur parents who want a holistic litter alternative.


  • Coconut pith is lightweight, natural and absorbent
  • Formula is soft and gentle on paws
  • Don’t need a lot of litter in the box – one bag lasts a long time


  • While it’s dust free, it does produce small, fluffy particles around the litter box area
  • Hard to scoop, doesn’t clump (requires a special scoop)

CatSpot Litter, Coconut Clumping Cat Litter

An all-natural, scent-free cat litter that clumps? Yes please! CatSpot has created a litter made from recycled coconut coir (a byproduct of coconut fibres) with zero chemicals and superior absorbency – one 8lb bag has the same absorbency as a 20lb bag of clay-based litter.

What really sets CatSpot apart is the clumping factor; they’ve added trace quantities of bentonite clay to bind litter and provide better clumping and ultimately, waste scooping. While there are traces of bentonite, CatSpot maintains that its products are 100% natural and dust-free.

If you’re looking for litter that clumps and gives you maximum absorbency, then CatSpot has the high impact lightweight product you’ve been looking for.


  • Natural and biodegradable
  • Absorbs up to 560% of its weight in liquid


  • Does not contain odor in a multi-cat household
  • Contains Bentonite (for clumping), which leads to tracking

Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Paper Cat Litter

  • 30 pounds Bag Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Cat Litter
  • Absorbs 3x the moisture by mass than traditional clay based litter
  • Delivers effective odor control
  • No added fragrance for peace of mind
  • Designed for low tracking with no small particles

Read all about it! Purina lists Yesterday’s News as the #1 vet-recommended litter option for odor control. Non-abrasive pellets contain recycled newspaper, making them absorbent without creating odor.

With no small particles, the Yesterday’s News formula is 99.9% dust free and designed for low tracking, keeping your floors free from paw prints and mess. Because it’s made from recycled materials, there are no harmful chemicals, making it a safe litter option for your fur buddies. 

As an added bonus, the bag containing Yesterday’s News is itself recyclable and can be considered “corrugated” or “mixed paper” when placing it in the bin. We love this litter for being both pet-friendly and eco-conscious, reducing our carbon footprint one paw at a time.


  • Low tracking; minimal dust produced (99.9% dust free)
  • Low odor retention
  • Safe and nontoxic for you and your cats


  • Because it has a different texture, transitioning your pet to the new litter might be a challenge
  • This litter does not clump; harder to scoop fecal waste

Good Earth The 6160 All-Natural Litter, 10 lb

One can’t find litter that’s sourced more naturally than from the ground. Good Earth is 100% grass processed.

Doesn’t stick to litter box, easy to scoop (clumps and hardens almost instantly), odor-free, no chemicals or perfumes.

Fast-acting moisture absorption, which means litter won’t stick to your litter box or pan. Even locks in odor-causing bacteria.

Grasses come from the Midwest and are Non-GMO for more natural litter. “Our litter is good for your cat, good for your household, and good for the Earth.”

A holistic business model that can be traced back to their business practices. Their office in Wisconsin has a community garden and allows employees to take their pets to work. A company that walks the walk, but doesn’t track it all over your floor.


  • Certified biodegradable 
  • No chemicals, fragrances, perfumes or clay
  • Renewable and reusable


  • Non-Flushable

What Is Cat Litter Made Of?

Generally speaking, cat litter falls into three main categories: clay-based, silica gel or biodegradable.


Perhaps the most recognized and widely-used, clay-based litter is popular because it can absorb liquid. However, clay can stick to litter box surfaces once it dries, making it hard to remove. In addition, odor can become a problem if the litter becomes too saturated. For these reasons, clay-based litter has to be changed often and the litter box has to be emptied entirely to be cleaned.

Bentonite clay is a slightly different type of additive that allows litter to clump when it gets wet. This is especially useful when cleaning your litter box as it allows you to scoop only the soiled litter, not replace the entire contents of the box.

The downside to clay-based litter is the debris it produces. Clay creates a fine dust that can cover your floors or worse yet, be ingested by your pets, either through inhaling or grooming. In the worst-case scenarios, inhaled dust can produce allergies and respiratory problems.


Silica gel is created when solid granules of sodium silicate crystalize. Cat litters made from silica gel crystals are incredibly absorbent and produce less dust than clay-based litters. However, inhaling or ingesting silica, either crustals or dust, can cause long-term health problems in cats, including dehydration, blockages and respiratory problems.


Litter derived from natural ingredients are becoming increasingly popular among pet owners. Alternatives such as newspaper, corn and coconut are ecologically-friendly and biodegradable, making them a “greener” choice (some litters from our list can even be flushed!)

The natural cat litters we’ve listed below have amazing benefits for the health and wellness of your feline companion, as well as the cleanliness of your home.


While we love the idea of alternative cat litters that provide a safe, dust free alternative to more traditional clay-based litter, not all naturally-sourced substrates are created equal. That’s why we put CocoKitty at the top of our list. Made from coconut, it’s super-absorbent, lightweight and soft enough for even the most sensitive kitties. The dust-free formula prevents tracking and contains no toxins or fragrances. Best of all, CocoKitty helps prevent odor buildup, making it the next best thing to allowing you pets to actually do their business outdoors.

While stooping and scooping is perhaps the least desirable activity regarding the care and well-being of your cat, giving him an all natural litter without chemicals or grit is a kinder, eco-friendly option you can both feel good about.

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