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Due to its size, a Maine Coon’s nutrition should be monitored as he can easily become overweight. Similarly, he needs enough exercise to burn off the extra calories from being indoors. It’s recommended that a large breed such as the Maine Coon get between 20-40 minutes of exercise daily. This is where cat trees for Maine Coons can become an essential part of your pet’s exercise regimen.

More About Maine Coons

Considered the largest domesticated cat breed, The Maine Coon is also one of the oldest natural breeds in North America.

Known for being big and sociable, Maine coons have earned the nickname “gentle giant.” Their temperament is mild, intelligent and playful. Physically, Their bodies are long, rectangular and big-boned, but what adds to their perceived bulk is the coat, which is two-layered, thick and silky.

Maine Coons were originally bred to be outdoor cats. Gradually, they moved indoors due to their value as a working breed who kept homes and barns rodent-free.

Our Favorite Cat Trees for Maine Coons

Video Of Maine Coon Using the “Cat Empire” from Cat Tree King

What to Consider When Purchasing Cat Trees for Maine Coons


If you own a Maine Coon, you’ve probably cycled through more cat furniture than you’d care to mention. It’s important to do your research and ensure that the cat tree you purchase will stand the test of time (and cat). Look for real wood and natural sisal wherever possible. If your tree contains carpeting or plush fabric, check regularly for wear and tear to prevent claws from snagging or staples from protruding.


Your cat tree should have a wide, sturdy base and no nails, screws or bolts on the bottom – this will not only keep the tree steady, but will also protect your floors from scrapes and scratches.

Similarly, any platforms, hammocks or perches should have a size and weight capacity suitable for a large breed, and should also be counterbalanced to prevent tipping.

Finally, depending on the size and sturdiness of your tree, consider purchasing an anti-toppling kit or wall straps to keep your tree firmly fastened and safe.


You’ll definitely want to consider your living space, and what you can reasonably accommodate. Your pet won’t get any exercise if mobility is limited due to a huge cat tree in a tiny room!

Consider too the size of your Maine Coon and if he’ll be the only pet using the cat tree. Multiple cats will require multiple perches and, possibly, more than one climbing structure.

Product Reviews

Below is our carefully curated list of cat trees and structures best suited for large breeds such as the beloved Maine Coon. We’ve identified the pros and cons of each item, and provided the dimensions wherever possible so you can determine the best fit for your home, lifestyle and pet.

Corner Cat XXL Cat Tree for Large Cats

Dimensions: 59” x 24” x 22”

Solid and sturdy would best describe this luxe, plush cat tree from Cat Tree King. Designed specifically for larger cat breeds, this activity centre weighs in at a whopping 105 lbs.! The platforms and all fixed parts are constructed from “mega strong” ABS and covered in creamy beige, super-soft plush. The plush covering is glued on to prevent it from pulling loose and staples from scratching or injuring fuzzy paws.

We especially love the large, plush cat bed affixed at the very top, providing a perch high and strong enough for your royal Maine Coon. The soft 2” thick pillow is removable for cleaning and each of the fuzzy hammocks can accommodate up to 44 lbs.

Supporting poles measure 5” in diameter, and are covered in natural sisal from top to bottom, ensuring your pet has plenty of scratching surface (aside from your furniture.) The Corner Cat XXL comes with a full set of instructions and tool kit for easy, fast assembly.

Whether your cat is large, active, playful or a combination kitty, this cat tree won’t budge. This is a high-end, heavy-duty model with plenty of space for hiding, napping, climbing or clawing.


  • A wide, solid base prevents toppling
  • Baskets can hold up to 44 lbs
  • Tools and instructions are included for easy assembly


  • Because of the volume, shipping/delivery boxes can be heavy and cumbersome
  • The plush covering can shred if used aggressively

Queensplace XXL – Cat Tree for Large Cats 

Dimensions: 40” x 24” x 24”

Another amazing structure from Cat Tree King, the Queenspace XXL is also designed with large cats in mind. While not as elaborate as the Corner Cat XXL, its solid design and luxe feel makes it suitable for any feline royalty.

The sisal-wrapped post measures 8” in diameter, and fits securely into the wide, ABS base, which is covered in soft plush fabric. The cozy basket at the top is wide enough to fit your pet and sturdy enough to support his weight – up to 88 lbs in fact!

The 40” height makes this tree suitable for perching next to your cat’s favorite window and watching the world go by. A long rope hangs from the basket’s underside, perfectly tempting and totally suitable for pulling, chewing and playing. 

If you’re looking for simple creature comforts with enough strength to support your Maine Coon, this perch is a great choice.


  • The basket is strong enough to support up to 88 lbs
  • The cushion is removable for cleaning
  • Easy to assemble


  • This cat tree is on the high pricing end

Cat Tree King specializes in retailing activity centres for large cat breeds. There’s little doubt that the “Royal Suite” model will satisfy your Maine Coon’s penchant for living large.

At an impressive 61” high, the Royal Suite is definitely one of the tallest structures available. While it mirrors many of the attractive features of its sibling structures – removable pillow, wide, solid ABS base – what sets it apart are the multi-level platforms. They’re adjustable and strong enough to support multiple pets without risk of toppling over or breaking.

A wide 8” diameter post supports the structure and is wrapped in durable sisal – perfect for scratching (and keeping paws off your curtains.) All in all, we love the simple, straightforward design and comfortable perching of the Royal Suite model. We’re pretty sure your feline friends will give it a paws up as well.


  • Multiple platforms are great for jumping and study to prevent toppling
  • Quick and easy assembly (tools are included)
  • The dark coloring is elegant and neutral


  • The shelves do stick out, so be conscious of where you place them
  • Not ideal for small spaces

Big Cat Palace Cat Tree For Large Cats 

Dimensions: 47” x 28” x 20”

If you treat your Maine Coon like royalty, you’ll need a castle befitting a king. The Big Cat Palace from Cat Tree King is a great solution for appeasing your gentle giant.

A few things remain the same with this model as with the others from Cat Tree King: the sturdy, extra-wide support poles are covered in sisal, and the structure is still covered in luxurious cream-colored plush. However, a few added features make this activity structure a royal win. An extra wide basket at the top is perfect for one large cat, or several if he feels like sharing his domain. The base of the structure is also wider than other models, making it look and feel even more secure and stable.

A low perch is great for older, less agile pets, and a hidey-hole condo works as a plush retreat. Whether your noble Maine Coon shares his space or prefers to reign alone, the Big Cat Palace will suit most members of your furry aristocracy.


  • The basket cushion is machine washable and stays in place with velcro
  • Quick assembly; tools and instruction manual are provided


  • Be aware of where you place this tree, as the platforms do not line up (for better climbing)

Cat Tree for Large Cats – Cat Empire

Dimensions: 72” x 47” x 24”

Is your large kitty looking to expand his territory beyond the confines of his palace? The Cat Empire gives him a virtual kingdom to rule. 

Perches, baskets and hammocks abound, each with the capacity to hold a lot of weight. The sisal-wrapped poles on all sides provide a counter-balance to the wide base, ensuring that even with rough continuous play, your pets won’t knock this tree over. The two large rotatable hammocks provide over 1.5 feet of space and can hold up to 44 lbs each.

At an impressive 72” high and 143lbs, the Cat Empire is best suited for larger homes and living spaces. Most owners of this impressive structure claim their large cat breeds (including Maine Coons) can’t knock it over. If you pet likes his space (and yours), you can’t get much bigger than the Cat Empire.


  • Large, sturdy and durable; won’t tip over
  • Covered in neutral, soft plush to match most decors
  • Great for multiple cats


  • Not suitable for small condos or spaces with low ceilings
  • Some owners claim their pets had difficulty reaching the top perch from the hammocks

Cat Tree for Large Cats – Cat Mansion

Dimensions: 71” x 29” x 23”

You’ve seen the Cat Empire (listed above). Well, welcome to the playhouse. The Cat Mansion from Cat Tree King spares no amenity. More “activity centre” than cat tree, the “Manse” has it all. 

Take for example the scratching surfaces. The Cat Mansion has not one but three sisal-wrapped scratching posts as well as a scratch pad that extends from a plush, cushy playhouse. There are two large entrance/exit points in the playhouse that can accommodate and contain large cat breeds. The removable cushion can be placed either inside the condo or in the basket/perch at the apex of the structure.

A thick, twisted rope hangs from the widest platform mid-structure, providing hours of play. If your pet gets tired mid-activity (or mid-climb), he can rest without interruption in the hammock, which can hold up to 44 lbs. Great for exercise or for lounging about, the Cat Mansion definitely gives your fur buddy domain over his own kingdom.


  • Stable enough for large, strong cat breeds
  • Users love the dark, silvery plush material
  • Cushion is machine washable


  • One owner said it would be great to have more than a tunnel to access the main, widest platform

New Cat Condos Premier Solid Wood Skyscraper Cat Tree

Dimensions: 20” x 20” x 72”

Handcrafted in the USA, Prestige Cat Trees has developed an equally large, staggered activity centre. The staggered style is well designed for large, curious cats. It offers multilevel cradles and perches for jumping, resting and surveying the lay of the land. Prestige Cat Trees provides their products in a multitude of neutral tones to blend in perfectly with your existing decor.

This model has sisal posts in addition to the plush household-grade carpeting, serving both comfort and function. The company claims that the sisal is “unoiled”, which makes it last longer. The rope is wound using man-operated machinery, ensuring an extremely tight coil for long-lasting use.

The durable frame is constructed with real wood, adding weight and stability while making the tree last longer. Assembly is quick and easy, and no tools are required. We love this cat tree for its useful design that encourages activity. This is a great option for large cats and/or  multiple cats and is sure to endure years of use.


  • Easy assembly, no tools are required
  • Multiple levels and platforms encourage vigorous exercise
  • Materials are safe and non-toxic


  • Be sure to watch for staples, as they can come loose with time
  • Occasionally, the carpet can “shed” with strenuous use

Great for “kitty” corners, this tall, angular cat tree from Prestige is well balanced and has all the amenities of larger activity centres, but designed with a slightly lower height to accommodate spaces where space (or low ceilings) might be an issue.

Three comfy, multi-level beds ensure that everyone has a cozy place to snooze. The entire structure, save one post, is covered is safe, non-toxic carpeting, labeled “household grade” by the company.

We like the width of the main-level platform – it’s accessible and wide enough for your Maine Coon and a few of his feline friends. The Maine Coon Tree was clearly designed with the large breed in mind. Large but unobtrusive, the neutral coloring and soft facade will blend in with most decor, while its sturdy construction will last for years to come.


  • Stable, safe, durable wood construction
  • No tools required for assembly


  • Only one post has sisal rope
  • This model is on the more expensive side

Go Pet Club Huge 87.5 in. Cat Tree Condo House Furniture

Dimensions: 42″ x 23.5″ x 87.5″

The final cat tree on our list is essentially an apartment building. Based on all the amenities and features, you may consider charging your cats rent.

This faux fur-clad activity centre features no fewer than 5 condos and two tubes for hanging out, plus multiple perches, a swing (you read correctly) and a ladder for easier access. Multiple scratching posts and small, dangling toys cap off the assortment of endless fun and loads of activity.

At a whopping 87.5” tall, this is definitely the biggest cat tree on our list, but will easily be favoured by your Maine Coon, and possibly every other cat on the block. Whether your pets prefer privacy or rough and tumble exercise, there are more than enough appealing features to keep your pets occupied and off of your furniture permanently.


  • Step by step instructions and tools included
  • Well-priced considering its size


  • Due to its size, this tree does not ship outside of the USA
  • You may consider getting wall anchors for more stability
  • Check the base for staples that might scratch the floor


Maine Coons are big cats with big personality and bigger love to give. To keep them happy and healthy, it’s important to provide exercise and activity that will help keep their weight down while preserving your furniture.

That’s why we’ve chosen the Corner Cat XXL Cat Tree for Large Cats as our top choice for Maine Coon cat trees. It adds enough height for your pet to be comfortable, but is designed mindfully to accommodate most rooms in your home. The plush, soft fabric paired with strong sisal for scratching adds a luxe look and neutral color scheme. The solid wood construction and wide, sturdy base will support your large breed cat as he jumps, climbs, scratches and sleeps. The Corner Cat is large without being obtrusive, and cat-oriented without looking cheap or kitschy.

Whichever cat tree you decide to purchase for your Maine Coon, you should ensure that it has a large enough profile to satisfy your pet’s needs, with enough amenities to keep you both purrrfectly happy.

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