Want a Cat Tree That Looks Like a Tree? – Our Top 5

cat tree that looks like a tree
It’s been said that cats live in a vertical world. They also live in a pretty instinctual one. That’s why many people have been combining the two concepts and investing in cat trees that actually look like trees. 
Whether you’re a cat-loving arborist or just want to give your fuzzy BFF the experience of being in nature (from the safety of your living room), this post will outline the benefits of having a cat tree that looks like a tree, as well as highlight our top 5 choices for the best cat trees that look like the real McCoy – no gardening required.

A Summary of Our Five Best Cat Trees That Look Like Trees

Here’s a quick summary of the cat trees. For the full in depth summary, read on. You can also see our top over all cat trees here.

Name of Cat Tree Read Amazon Reviews
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What are the benefits of having a cat tree that looks like a real tree?

It’s safer than a real tree

A tree-like climbing structure can feed your pet’s climbing and perching impulses with none of the associated risks:

  • No wild animals to pick a fight with
  • There’s minimal risk of injury due to falling, and an indoor cat tree is pretty hard to get stuck in
  • No wood parasites, bugs or other unwelcome guests

Great for multiple cats

Do you have more than one furry diva in your home? A cat tree with multiple “branches” can solve issues of hierarchy by giving each pet their own safe space.

A good choice for shy or stressed cats

Giving your shy feline a place to hide or be calm and quiet can result in a happier kitty. Similarly, some cats experience stress-related behavior such as stereotypy, which can be alleviated by providing them with a climbing environment that mimics their world outside.

Esthetically beautiful

If you can’t accommodate a big, beautiful tree in your living room (and who can?) having a cat tree that looks like the genuine article is a close second.

Encourages natural climbing and perching behaviour

A cat tree that resembles a tree may even trigger a primal reaction. Cats like to rest on high perches, away from danger (either real or perceived) on the ground. And there’s nothing more instinctual or natural than hanging out in a tree.

What should you consider when buying your cat tree?


It bears mentioning that if you live in a tiny one-bedroom or bachelor apartment, you probably shouldn’t invest in a 9-foot tall, multi-level cat complex. Unless of course, you plan to sleep there too. Consider your living space and how much room you’ll have to surrender to your furry friend’s (not so) humble abode.

Traffic control

Pay attention to your cat’s regular paths throughout your home. You’ll get a pretty good indication of where to put your cat tree so that it doesn’t obstruct his routine – or yours.

Number of cats

Considering how many fur-friends you have will determine how big your cat tree should be. Every member of your feline family should have their own place to perch without disrupting the “pecking order.”

Size of cats

Whether you have a bigger breed of cat or just a big guy who loves his treats, you’ll need to factor in combined weight when considering your cat tree. The base will need to be sturdy and reinforced, and you might want to consider having wall straps or additional safety features to prevent wobbling or toppling.

Our Top Cat Trees with Real Tree Like Features: 

We combed the Internet to bring you a curated list of cat trees that look like something you’d find in a forest. We considered safety, practicality, size and great reviews when making our decisions. Read on to find the perfect match for your furr-ever friend.

Go Pet Club 67” Cat Climber


42″ W x 34″ L x 67″ H

Go Pet Club Like TreeAn elegant, stylish addition to your home, Go Pet Club hits it out of the park with a 67” climber. Resplendent in “leaves” and branch-like posts covered in black and brown faux fur, your cat might be fooled into thinking this tree is the real deal. Only the sisal-covered posts will give it away!

There’s a large single condo at the base for your cat to hide and rest, and several platforms from which to perch and observe. Multiple levels are great if you have more than one cat, as everyone can get their own dedicated space.

A sturdy, heavy pressed wood base will prevent the tree from wobbling or toppling. Whether your cats are scratching, jumping, climbing, playing or sleeping, this tree can take whatever they dish out.


  • Easy to assemble, with step-by-step instructions and tools included
  • Easy to clean using a damp cloth and liquid soap
  • Materials are durable, safe and non-toxic


  • Some owners felt the material covering the tree was too thin (particularly at the base) and shredded easily

On2Pets Cat Condo


24” W x 72” H x 24” L

cat tree that looks like tree on2petsOn the outside, it looks like a simple, decorative shrub. But look closer – that pretty plant is actually a cat tree! Two levels of curved wooden platforms are canopied in verdant leaves, the perfect cover for your little hunter.

The base is covered in artificial turf, adding to the illusion and feeding your pet’s innate nature to hide. This is a great option for cats who love the outdoors but prefer the safety of being inside. This realistic cat tree will give your furry friends the security it wants, as well as a great place to take a cat nap.

Easy assembly and a low profile ensure that the On2Pets condo will fit, in size and esthetics, in any room of the house.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of floor space
  • Comes with wall brackets in case you want to mount the perches on the wall


  • Doesn’t provide the same amount of height as other cat trees (or real trees)
  • There are no sisal scratching posts on this tree

Go Pet Club 77” Cat Tree


48″ W x 23.5″ L x 70″ H

Go Pet Club cat tree that looks like a treeNo need for your furry diva to book a room at the spa – this extravagant cat tree holds 70” of luxury, entertainment and leisure. Multiple perches, hammocks, platforms and hidey-holes can also hold all of your furry love bugs. One satisfied customer said her Norwegian Forest Cats had no issues climbing, resting or hiding with this model.

The posts are covered in durable sisal to encourage scratching on the tree and not your couch. High-density faux fur is soft and yielding, perfectly soft and comfortable for even the pickiest kitties. The sturdy rope toy can endure lots of play and shouldn’t come loose, even with multiple gamers!

A thoughtfully-designed play structure, this Go Pet Club model is constructed from boards that are certified by the California Air Resource Board (CARB), making them safe and clean-air friendly.

For its size, the 70” cat tree is well-priced and comes with so many amenities, your pets will feel like they’re on vacation.


  • Replacement parts are offered for free direct from the manufacturer
  • Well-priced compared to other large trees on the market
  • Comprises two condos, one at the top and one at the bottom


  • More difficulty to assemble compared to smaller ones; one owner claimed it took a long time to put together and the instructions were complicated

Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree


23” L x 23” W x 75” H

Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree that looks like a treeThe Redwood model is the largest of Kitty Mansions’ “Forest” line of cat trees, and with good reason. This tree is substantial and definitely looks like it belongs outdoors with its fellow forest friends.

Green fabric and brown sisal posts add to the allure, giving your pet the feeling of being outside, lounging on a tree branch. Reviewers loved the plush faux fur that covers the tree; they claim it feels thicker and more substantial than on other trees.

Cats enjoy climbing in and out of tight spaces, so the covered tunnel is a perfect place to hide or just relax. The covered condo area sits up higher than on other trees, giving your pet height and security.

There are multiple levels for jumping and perching, and a trio of perches for sleeping once your cats reach the “summit”. Sturdy, safe and solid, the Redwood climber has a dedicated fan base.


  • Replacement posts are available from the manufacturer
  • High quality, solid construction gives this structure a long lifespan


  • Instructions are diagram-based, which can be tricky if the user has questions about the construction or needs more detailed assembly information

Luckitty Small Cat Scratching Posts Kitty Coconut Tree


17” H x 13” (diam.)

tree like scratching postWhile the Lukitty Coconut tree is technically a scratching post, we put it in our list because, well…it’s a coconut tree!

Whimsical plush palm “leaves” drape over a sturdy sisal-covered post, which is great for scratching and keeping kitty’s nails healthy (and off your stuff.)

The circular base is covered in plush and incredibly sturdy to prevent toppling during rough play, yet its lightweight, portable design has 100% detachable parts, so it can be moved around or stored away.

Recommended for cats of all ages and stages, this small post is built to last with safe, non-toxic materials. With minimal assembly required, the Lukitty tree takes no effort to create big-time fun.


  • Great scratching post surface
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • No condo, “hidey-hole” or elevated place for your cat to lie down/nap 
  • No levels for perching
  • Not recommended for larger cats


For us, the clear winner has to be the Go Pet Club 67” Cat Climber. It ticks off almost every box for owner and pet alike; it’s substantial, comfortable, and comes with a plethora of tree-like extensions for your cats to rest, play and climb. Multiple levels mean every fur-baby has their own place – no fighting for turf or angling to be top of the walk. 

Whether they prefer the nests above or the condo below, this tree satisfies your furry friend’s desire to perch and watch the world, while giving you piece of mind knowing your beloved pet is safely ensconced indoors.

It’s no surprise that many cats love to climb – just ask any fireman who’s had to rescue a kitten from a tree! A climbing structure that actually resembles a tree is a fun and functional way to bring the great outdoors into your living room without having to dig in the dirt.

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