Get a Cat Tree With a Hammock for Cats That Like to Snuggle High up

post75It’s no wonder why most cats love hammocks. If you’ve ever watched a leopard lying out along a giant tree branch, you’ll recognize that many cats, big or small, prefer staying high off the ground. That’s why a cat tree with a hammock can be a great addition to your home.

While hammocks are relaxing and comfortable (for felines and people), there are also biological reasons why many of our furry friends would prefer the security of a tucked-away hanging bed.

In this post, we’ll look at the benefits of having a cat tree with (at least) one hammock. We’ll also provide you with a well-curated list of our top 5 choices, including pros and cons, so that you can make the best choice for your furry buddy.

A Summary of Our Five Best Cat Trees With a Hammock

Here’s a quick summary of the cat trees that have hammocks. For the full in depth summary, read on. If you’re looking for something different you can also check out our other cat tree picks here.

Name of Cat Tree Read Amazon Reviews
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TRIXIE Miguel Fold and Store Cat Towerir?t=kittycattree 20&l=ur2&o=1 Click Hereir?t=kittycattree 20&l=ur2&o=1
AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammockir?t=kittycattree 20&l=ur2&o=1 Click Hereir?t=kittycattree 20&l=ur2&o=1
FEANDREA Sturdy Cat Treeir?t=kittycattree 20&l=ur2&o=1 Click Hereir?t=kittycattree 20&l=ur2&o=1
BEWISHOME Multi-Level Cat Tree Condoir?t=kittycattree 20&l=ur2&o=1 Click Hereir?t=kittycattree 20&l=ur2&o=1

Why Have a Hammock?

Tree Dwellers

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Is your feline a climber? Does he usually prefer being on top of the fridge or a bookshelf? You likely have a “tree dweller”. A term originally coined by cat behaviourist Jackson Galaxy, tree dwellers require vertical space and will generally look for high places from which to perch or rest. A hammock can satisfy your kitty’s urge to be off the ground, while keeping him off of less-desirable surfaces.

Staying Safe

Having an indoor climbing structure with a hammock to lay around in not only gives your cat a safe space from which to observe the world, it also prevents him from venturing outside to find a tree to climb. This is especially beneficial for new or shy cats who may need more time to acclimate to their new family and/or surroundings.

Things to Consider:

The size of your home

The more personal cat space you can give your fur-friend, the better. However, you don’t have to forgo the benefits of a softly swinging hammock if you live in a small space. There’s more than one option on our list below for compact cat trees that are small in size but big on impact.

How many cats you have

If you have two or more cats, it’s especially important to consider a tree house or condo with multiple levels and access points. Hammocks can provide a separate resting area for your pet, which can eliminate possible altercations.

Our 5 Best Cat Trees With Hammocks

Go Pet Club 62” Cat Tree

post75 1We love how this cat tree uses all of its multi-levelled surfaces to entertain your purrr-fect pals. Your “tree dweller” has the option of viewing his kingdom from the tippy-top of the tree (which comes in at 62”), or snuggle into the detachable hammock which is situated just beneath the main perch.

We think Go Pet Club has created the perfect combination of style and functionality. The multiple scratching posts are covered in natural sisal to promote healthy scratching behaviour, while the perches and platforms are made from durable compressed wood and wrapped faux fur.

Easy to care for, this cat tree can be spot cleaned with mild soap and a wet cloth to ensure it looks as good as it did when you first purchased it. You can be sure that your pet will love to explore and relax in comfort.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Can easily accommodate multiple cats without compromising structural integrity
  • The ladder is ideal for older cats that may find it hard to jump, so they can go up and down with ease


  • The hammock height may not suit larger cats
  • Some customers complained about the fabric “shedding”

FEANDREA 68.5″ Sturdy Cat Treepost75 2

This is a great model for people who have shy or private fur babies. At an impressive 68.5” high, this tree is tall enough for your little guy to casually observe the action from the top, where a detachable bowl is included in case he wants to eat alone.

A variety of levels and platforms ensures he won’t get bored (or get in anyone’s way) while the hammock and basket give him the vertical space he needs and the alone time he craves, away from potential children or other pets.

Feandra takes your pet’s safety seriously. One reviewer said her Bengals were sure and steady while jumping from place to place. Made from natural particle board that’s certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and strengthened with battens at the bottom to ensure stability, you can be sure that this tree can take whatever your cats launch at it.


  • Anti-toppling fittings are included for double security
  • Sisal-covered scratching posts for healthy claws


  • The fabric covering can shred with rough use
  • Some owners wished the base plate was padded

BEWISHOME Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo

post75 3It’s good to be king! With two platform beds, two hideaway houses, two baskets and a hammock in a cat tree, the Bewishome condo is more like a palace. Perfect for multiple or larger furrr-ever friends, there’s tons of things to see and do, with multiple levels to stake their claim.

Super-solid construction and balanced design ensure that your pets can safely and easily jump on or off, and an optional wall-strap gives additional stability if you have more than one cat. While the design looks complicated, ecstatic reviewers have commented that assembly is a breeze.

Sisal-covered posts ensure that your furniture won’t get clawed, while the velvety covering gives little paws that “plush touch.” The perches are cushioned and the houses are so spacious, one client, who has 5 Maine Coons, reported that they could all come and go with no spatial issues. If you’re looking for a well-priced cat tree with a host of luxurious amenities, Bewishome has got you covered.


  • Comes with small toys for extra play and interaction
  • Sturdy, secure and easy to assemble


  • Some customers felt the paths were too narrow for older, slower cats
  • Make sure you carefully measure your height and space requirements, as one client claimed the top of the tree couldn’t clear his ceiling.

TRIXIE Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower

post75 4If you’re short on space but really want to provide your furry guy with a hammock to rest in, the Trixie Fold and Store has comfort and character. Ideal for small spaces, you simply fold it shut for quick and easy storage.

The condo, which is wrapped in soft plush, provides opportunities for your cat to play, rest or scratch. A durable sisal wall provides an ample scratching surface and the hammock is covered in luxurious, soft plush. When your pet wants some alone time, he can crawl into the soft-sided condo beneath the hammock. Whether your cat prefers a lower hammock or you prefer a smaller footprint, the Tixie is a great idea for cats of all ages and stages.


  • Has a wide, natural sisal scratching surface for healthy scratching behaviour
  • Comes with a removable cushion insert that can be machine washed


  • The attached string toy can come off if played with too roughly
  • The scratching area may not be suitable for your larger cats as they won’t be able to use it by stretching fully

AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock

post75 5It looks as though Amazon has read the reviews and came up with a fun, economic cat tree with a hammock that’s just purr-fect for when your furry feline wants to observe the world.

The elevated hammock is suspended between dual jute-wrapped posts to deter unwanted scratching of furniture and to keep his nails healthy. Place the tree near a window as a great perching solution for your infamous tree dweller. The chipboard base is sturdy and will help prevent tipping.

As an additional safety feature, the accompanying toy can detach to prevent the string from wrapping around your little one’s paws.

Simple, straightforward design coupled with quality materials means that whether your pet is ready to nap or burn off excess energy, The AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock can satisfy his claws and his many moods.


  • Durable, long-lasting construction
  • A very well-priced model
  • The hammock fits for smaller cats


  • One reviewer claimed the screws in the base are not recessed, which created balance issues
  • This hammock is not ideal for larger cats


It’s easy to see why most cats would love the privacy and stability of lying in a hammock. First, it nurtures their biological predisposition to height and climbing (especially if you have a classic tree dweller!) Second, it provides a secure, comfortable perch within the safe confines of your home. Finally, whether you are a cat or a cat-lover, hammocks are one of the best ways to nap!

For all of these reasons, we love the Go Pet Club 62” Cat Tree. Branch-for-branch, this tree has tons of options for climbing, resting and scratching. It’s durable construction provides stable, safe play or rest for all of your feline companions.

Whether your cat prefers resting high or low, perching in a hammock seems to be the universal way to go.

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