Cat Playhouse – A Cat Tree for Large Cats that Looks Like a Real Tree

cat tree that looks like a tree


new cat condos cat tree for large cats


If you’re looking for something unique, major cute, and fun this cat tree that looks like a real tree is a definite possibility.  It has a perch for viewing the world at a high vantage point and a tree house for sleeping. There’s stepping levels and scratching posts. This is certainly one of the most pricey cat trees for large cats we’ve seen. But is it worth the money?


What to Look for When Buying Cat Trees for Large Cats

In general, when shopping for a cat tower, durability, stability, usefulness, quality materials and price is a first and foremost concern.  But sometimes we want one that stands out in a crowd, a real head turner. This one is all that and more.


What Makes This Cat Tree Special 

This one of a kind cat tree for a very lucky cat is simply awe inspiring in its size and weight alone.  300 pounds! Essentially, it has a house to sleep in or just get away from it all and a high perch– a whopping seven feet tall!

There are branches to climb and scratching posts to scratch on. This luxury kitty tree house is hand crafted to be a one of a kind creation, just like your cat. No two are alike. It’s not only a showstopper but a conversation starter!

Only the finest materials are used, from the softest of carpet to the solid wood, to the natural unoiled sisal rope.  There are many platforms for kitty to climb and scratching posts to scratch.  Beautiful? Yes! Unique? Absolutely! Comfortable? Without a doubt.  Expensive? Indubitably –$999! But for pampered pussycats it’s probably worth it.


Cat Tree Features

The New Cat Condos Cat Playhouse is probably the closest thing your house cat will get to a real tree (except possibly the Christmas tree). 

It’s huge. At 40 inches wide, 48 inches deep, and 84 inches tall it’s truly impressive. The tree house is 57 inches off the floor, the top perch is 80 inches off the floor. 

At first glance you may not see many places for cats to sit, lay or play but upon further inspection there are indeed room for a small cat family.

On top of the tree house is potentially room for 4 cats and, of course, the round perch.  The lower two levels would invite play with the addition of a few hanging toys. But I have to say the scratching posts were not well thought out.  The lower left would be very useful but the sisal above it would be fairly useless, the lower right might work for a very small cat or kitten. The post above could work, but the top section above that makes little sense.

  • The top platform measures 38 x 38 inches. The house is 15x10x15 inches high. Two kittens or a small cat would barely fit.
  • It’s shipped fully assembled but may not fit through some doors.
  • The trunk is made to resemble a real tree and is pretty cool!
  • There are four colors to choose from: brown, blue, green, grey, or beige.
  • It’s crafted by hand in the U.S.
  • The price ranges from $789.99 to $999.99


What Owners of This Cat Tree Think

The reviews are rave, those who braved the price tag love it and so do their cats hands –and paws–down!

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More About New Cat Condos

See the cat tree on video

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