Cat Empire from Cat Tree King – Great for Large Cats

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In our opinion, Cat Tree King makes some of the best cat trees for large cats available on the market today. If your cat is huge—in the 20-30 pound range– and the cat towers you’ve tried were not roomy or strong enough, this is the tower for you.  It is one of the largest towers on the market and it’s been compared to a Sherman tank.

Even if your cat family includes two large breed cats—Main Coon, Norwegian Forest, Himalayan—it will take whatever they hand out. It features 4 steps, twin hammocks, a soft padded top perch with tree raised sides and a cubby hole at the bottom.  This is truly a premium cat tower and very luxurious.


What You Should Consider When Buying Cat Trees for Large Cats

When shopping for a cat tower think about your cat’s size, age, breed, personality, the design, sturdiness, cost, the scratching surfaces, how much assembly it requires, weight, and appearance.

Are the perches large enough for you cat and are they soft and comfortable?

Are the perches easy to access?

How much room is between them?

A Himalayan cat or Persian, for example, are built stocky and are not good jumpers; they like something that is easy to climb.  Large cats need scratching posts that are rather tall, allowing them to stand and scratch.  And above all, they all need a cat tree that won’t wobble or lean.


Cat Empire Cat Tree Features

The Empire is a large cat’s dream come true. Its design is superb—very balanced on both sides.  It is 140 pounds and is solid as a rock.  At 6 feet tall your big guy (or girl) will have a luxurious place to look down on the world.  It features a two-inch-thick pillow attached with Velcro.  It includes two hammocks that are roomy enough for big breeds that holds up to 44 pounds!  They’re large enough for snuggling with a friend. The cubby at the bottom is roomy enough for even the largest cat. All the posts are covered with sisal rope from top to bottom –enough room for even the most creative scratcher.  The steps are covered top and bottom and show no uncovered wood.  Everything is glued to stay.  This tower is both large enough and strong enough for multiple large cats to play without a problem. Even the top perch will not wobble or tip.

  • Extremely high quality
  • Weighs 143 pounds
  • Overall size 72x47x24 inches
  • Tall scratching posts all around; Sisal rope covered 60inch posts
  • Nice tall 72 inches
  • The tower base is 24×24 inch.

The covering is luxuriously soft and sturdy plush. The tower features 3 sleeping areas: one large bed at the top 24 X 17 X 6 inches with a two-inch-thick removable pillow. And two large rotatable 18-inch hammocks that hold up to 44 pounds each. The hammocks are a very unique new design that are both hammock and a pillow making it extremely soft and comfy.  They’re make to handle heavy cats.

The cubby at the bottom has an 8×8 inch entrance—large enough for a very large cat. The large plates are easy for large breed cats to scale up and down.  Multiple cats can climb and chase without so much as a wobble.

The assembly is simple and should only take a few minutes with the toolkit and assembly manual.


What Owners of This Cat Tree Think

The customer reviews really tell the story of any product and this one is no exception.  Cat Tree King’s Empire Tower scored 99% positive customer reviews at Amazon U.S. and 890 reviews at Amazon Europe with 98% positive! It’s a favorite at Facebook as well.

Click Here to See the Reviews of this Cat Tree on Amazon

It’s not often we see a Tower with as many positive features and customer reviews as this one.  The only down side could be the price tag of $400.

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