Can I Give My Cat Ice Cream? Discover the Dangers With 8 Refreshing Facts

can I give my cat ice cream

Can I give my cat ice cream? The simple answer is yes, however it is important to understand which ice cream and quantities are safe for cats.

Just like us humans, a diet for your fur pal should be a balanced one, this of course does include an occasional treat, which leads us to the question, can I give my cat ice cream?

In this article we will cover all the important do’s an don’ts when it comes to ice cream and your kitty.

Is Ice Cream Safe For My Cat

While an odd lick of ice cream shouldn’t have any immediate life threatening effects to your kitty, it is important to remember that they are most likely to be lactose intolerant and could react badly to dairy products.

Usually, cats from around 8 weeks onwards start to develop a dairy intolerance when they are weaned form their mothers milk.

Is Dairy Good For My Cat

For many centuries cats have been pictured lapping up a bowl of tasty milk. Although once thought to be a go to for cats, this myth has well and truly been debunked and we now understand the dangers that it carries for your feline pal.

Cats should not be eating dairy products. As well as suffering the effects of being lactose intolerant (vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, stomach ache) feeding your cat too many sugary snacks and cause long term effects such as obesity, medical complications and can even increase the risk of developing cancers.

For more information on cream and dairy products please check out can cats eat whipped cream?

Can My Cat Eat Chocolate Ice Cream

A few licks of vanilla ice cream wont do your cat any harm, however chocolate ice cream must never be on the menu for your kitty.

Chocolate is poisonous to cats and you should never allow your fur buddy to consume it.

If your ice cream contains any kind of chocolate bits or any other poisonous (to cats) ingredients then it could in fact kill your cat.

Symptoms can include severe vomiting, low blood pressure and in some cases organ failure. You must act quickly, if your cat does accidently consume something that is dangerous you should seek medical assistance from a Vet immediately.

Can My Cat Eat Flavored Ice Cream

When it comes to letting your cat have a taste of your ice cream, its best to stick with simple vanilla. As already discussed chocolate is a big no no!

There are also some other flavors that may contain ingredients which could be toxic to your cat. To list each flavor and type would simply take up too much of your time and there are so many variations and different ingredients that it would simply be impossible.

If its not vanilla, keep your kitty at bay. Perhaps, instead, consider some alternatives that we will be exploring below.

Can Cats Eat Non Dairy Ice Cream

A lactose free ice cream doesn’t actually mean the ice cream is now safe for your cat to feast on. Firstly you would have to ensure again that there is absolutely no chocolate content.

The second issue that a non dairy ice cream still poses to your cat are the long term health complications if given to your cat on a regular basis in quantities larger than a few licks.

Fat and sugar content is still likely to be high, so it is best to continue to steer your kitty away from consuming too much.

Is there Purpose Made Ice Cream For Cats

Can I give my cat ice cream specially made for them? Yes! You are actually able to purchase frozen treats produced just for your kitty, which you can purchase here.

Its not the real deal, but a fun alternative is a cat nip infused ice cream toy. Sure to bring your feline hours of fun.

If you wish to share a frozen dessert with your feline pal and help them cool down on a hot summers day, you could also consider some of our cats favorite home made recipes.

Will Ice Cream Cause My Cat Brain Freeze

Cats can indeed be subject to brain freeze, their nervous system is much like us humans.

Your kitty would recover quickly and there wouldn’t be any long term effects from this, however it’s a sad sight to see, as cats find this very unpleasant and uncomfortable.

What to do if My Cat Eats Ice Cream

If you’ve stepped away from your favorite frozen treat for a moment and on return faced with the horror that your fur baby has gobbled it up in your absence, what should you do? Firstly, its best to remember not to panic.

Depending on the type and quantity that your cat has consumed, the next steps to take will differ:

If it was vanilla ice cream, we would just suggest that your cat is monitored overnight, for any tummy upset they might endure due to the dairy content.

If the ice cream contained any type of chocolate then seek medical advice from a Vet straight away.

Any other flavor, we would advise that you monitor your cat for the next 24 hours. If at any moment they begin to show signs of lethargy, acting out of character or severe vomiting then take them to a Vet immediately.

Can I Give My Cat Ice Cream- The Final Thoughts

Due to the complications it can carry we would suggest not to give your cat ice cream that is intended for human consumption.

A few licks of vanilla here and there wont cause any harm to your cat, but that should be as far as your sharing generosity goes on this one.

Please take time to explore the home made recipes, these can be fun to try out and to be honest they will be far more pleasing to your kitty’s taste buds.

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