Best Cat Trees Under $50

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Best Cat Trees Under $50

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Pets can be expensive. When you take into account the cost of food, treats, veterinary bills, toys, costumes (if you’re into that), cat trees, scratching posts and a host of other feline necessities, it can all add up to a hefty annual bill. Whether you’re sticking to a budget or looking for multiple cat trees for your growing fur family, we’ll take the pressure off your wallet with a curated review of the best cat trees under $50.

Our Top Ten Best Cat Trees Under $50

Cat Trees Under $50 Reviews

  • Here’s our reviews of the top picks for cat trees under $50. Each structure has benefits and features that will satisfy your pet and take it easy on your bank account.

AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock

In September 2009, Amazon launched its own private label – AmazonBasics. Selling everything from electronics to toys, it wasn’t long before they ventured into pet accessories.

Designed to encourage interactive play, the AmazonBasics cat tree has an elevated hammock with dual jute scratching posts. The hammock and base are covered in plush carpeting with a low pile, to avoid snagging claws. The color tones are neutral, making it a perfect addition to any decor. The scratching posts are durable and natural, perfect for satisfying your cats’ urge to scratch (and keeping your furniture safe).

The chipboard base is square and sturdy. Most reviewers claimed that even their larger cats couldn’t knock it over. A small toy hangs from one of the posts, ready to be batted around and played with.

Whether placed against a window sill or near the treat bag, the AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock is a great place to rest, play, scratch and climb.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Can accommodate multiple cats
  • Well-priced


  • The screws in the base are not recessed
  • Some owners felt the toy came off too easily with rough play

AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

If you’re looking to up the ante, AmazonBasics has created a tri-level cat tree with no less than seven tough, sisal scratching posts, ensuring your pets’ claws stay on the tree and off your curtains. This multilevel activity centre provides ample room for your motley fur-crew to play and rest.

The stable square base is made of MDF and covered in plush carpeting, which also covers the entire structure all the way up to a basket perch at the top. The basket is perfect for resting or surveying the great outdoors from the window.

Whether resting “kitty corner” in the bedroom, or starring as the main attraction in your living room, this activity tree has more than enough features to keep your entire fur-family entertained.


  • Square base is ideal for rooms corners
  • Easy to assemble
  • Tiered levels allow for multiple cats and/or multiple playing surfaces


  • Some users claim the “large” size is more of a “medium”

AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Cave

This AmazonBasics model comes with its very own cave – perfect for tired kitties or nervous felines who just need a safe space.

Ideal for kittens or medium-sized cats (up to 20lbs.), this multi-platform tree is covered in fleece-like plush. A small fuzzy toy dangles from one of the platforms, the perfect activity to get your pets moving.

Depending on the activity level of your pets, the tree comes with a wall tether for added stability and security. All in all, we love this structure for its soft fabric, small profile and big fun factor. Plus, when your furbaby wants to be alone, he can saunter off to dwell in his own Bat Cave.


  • Very well-priced
  • Easy to assemble; instructions are clear
  • The cave is lined in plush; no hard or rough surfaces


  • It’s hard to determine if the tree posts are covered in sisal (images show carpeted posts)

Trixie Pet Products – Murcia Tree

We love this adorable scratching post. The solid triangular base is perfect for corners, and is covered in soft plush, inside and out. It features 12 “peek-a-boo” holes – throw in some toys and treats and your cat will play for hours.

The natural sisal scratching post is high enough for taller furry friends to get their claws into, and has a twirling toy at the top to pique even the fussiest feline’s interest.

Suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels, the Murcia Tree by Trixie covers all the bases – rest, scratch, hide or play in comfort and style.


  • Triangular base is sturdy to avoid toppling
  • Sisal post is tall for scratching and stretching


  • The ball detaches with rough play
  • Not an ideal model for large/heavy cats

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

This Go Pet Club cat tree proves that size matters. This model has so many places to climb, perch and hide, it’s like having a membership to a kitty gym.

At 52”, this cat tree is covered in faux fur plush and has five sisal-covered posts that are perfect for scratching and nail sharpening. The plush ladder is a perfect access route for smaller or older felines, and leads into a kitty condo – great for cat naps or hiding from the world.

Multiple levels allow your pet to have a friend (or two) over for a furry play date, and the perches ensure that everyone has their own dedicated space. If that weren’t enough, dangling toys suspended from the platforms provide endless entertainment. If you’re looking for a mid-sized cat tree that is neutral enough to match any decor while having enough amenities to amuse your furry friends, this activity centre is a great option.


  • Easy to assemble; includes tools and instructions.
  • Multiple sisal posts and platforms can accommodate multiple cats
  • Strong base


  • Platforms are on the smaller side; not ideal for larger cats
  • Monitor toy use as string can get tangled in claws

MidWest Cat Furniture – Salvador

In their research, Midwest, the company that makes the Nuvo Salvador, discovered that cats love “elevation, cozy retreats, areas to groom, and items for recreation.” They’ve incorporated this feedback into the design of their elegant and modern cat tree.

With a solid, sturdy base, this climber has amenities to satisfy even the fussiest feline. A tough, resilient sisal scratching pad helps with claw care, while the lookout lounge provides your cat with a fun place to observe the world. A dangling toy will provide hours of fun.

Covered in black, super-soft faux fur & coordinating designer print fabric, the whimsical black and white print is fun enough to attract your pet’s attention, but not loud enough to distract from the rest of your decor.

Midwest has created a tree climber that’s fun without being fussy and elegant without being stuffy. Whether he’s at rest or play, we think even the most discerning cat will fall in love with the Nuvo Salvador tree.


  • Easy to assemble with all tools included
  • Comes with a 1-year Warranty
  • Wipes clean to remove fur and accidents


  • The sisal posts are also covered in faux fur, which can get stuck in tiny claws

AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform

Small, sturdy and straightforward, this platformed cat tree from AmazonBasics has all the basic necessities for your pet.

This dual-leveled structure has a hammock-shaped perch above the base, and a comfy basket at the top. Both are covered in soft plush, providing a comfy, safe place to nap or just hang out. The supporting posts are covered in natural sisal to encourage positive scratching (and avoid damaging your furniture).

Ideal for small to medium-sized cats (up to 25lbs.), this tree would be a great addition to your window sill, living room, or anywhere your pet likes to spend time. Overall, this cat tree with a platform and hammock is a great way to keep your fur-buddy’s claws occupied and his mind content.


  • The chipboard base is strong, sturdy and durable
  • Easy and quick to assemble


  • Some customers claim the plush fabric shreds and sheds easily
  • The platforms aren’t padded

AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform, X-Large

Like the previous model, this AmazonBasics cat tree was designed for form and function, but on a larger scale, which makes it perfect for a single pet, or a whole feline harem.

The posts are covered entirely with sisal, so no matter where your pet lands, he’ll have ample access to a scratching surface. The tiered platforms provide lots of space for playing, climbing, or rest and relaxation. The top tier comes with a dangling toy to encourage your little explorer to reach the summit, which rests at about 47”.

In addition to its reasonable price, we like this tree for its size and space – all of your fur babies can have a turn observing the world with a birds’ eye view from a three-storey lookout.


  • Well-priced for its size
  • Hardware and wrench are included for easy assembly


  • Platforms aren’t cushioned
  • No ladders or steps, which might be difficult for elderly cats

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House Furniture

This structure from Go Pet Club not only gives your fur family their own dedicated space, it’s also a good choice for the budget-conscious.

Covered in neutral, soft faux fur, the first level of this three-tiered cat tree has a cozy, plush-lined condo – perfect for hiding or grabbing a cat nap. Conversely, the top of the condo can be used as a platform for lounging, perching or sunning. The posts are covered top to bottom with natural sisal to encourage instinctive scratching on the tree – not your curtains.

Considering the size and scope, this condo house won’t take long to assemble, and even comes with its own hardware and tool so you can surprise your pets as soon as possible. For hours of activity, entertainment and leisure that won’t break the bank, this cat tree is a purrrfect choice.


  • Easy to assemble; instructions are clear and concise
  • Dangling toy on the top perch provides additional entertainment


  • The plush fabric can shed
  • Does not lie flush against a corner (has a 6” gap)

Kitty City Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture

What fascinates us most about this play structure is that it’s not technically a cat tree at all. Kitty City has created an adaptable, modular playspace that can be built and rebuilt to fit a multitude of living spaces and functions.

Designed to encourage activity and exploration, this easy-to-assemble activity centre can configure to fit your living space and your pet’s lifestyle. It’s equal parts cat tree, scratching post, condo and fun all over. The Mega Kit comes with sisal scratching posts, a scratching ramp and canvas hidey-hole condos, with sturdy rods to put them together. Multi-colored jingly ball toys are included for added stimulation.

Lightweight, portable and filled with endless possibilities, the Kitty Claw Mega Kit is a modular, expandable play environment that’s limited only by your imagination.


  • Can easily disassemble and store away
  • Customizable design that can be configured for virtually any space


  • The canvas is light; owners should be wary of putting too much weight on it
  • Should be anchored if your plan is to purchase more than one kit


If you’re looking for a cat tree that meets the demands of your fussy feline and won’t break the bank, our clear winner on the list is the AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock.

We love its unobtrusive profile and neutral color. The faux fur plush looks and feels luxe, and the hammock is perfect for curling up. A sturdy base means your pet won’t topple, and the dual scratching posts provide lots of claw sharpening, keeping nail beds healthy and cats happy.

You want your fur buddy to adore his activity tree; you want him to climb, jump, play and rest. While it would be ideal to have something that can keep up with your pet, it’s important to consider that over his lifetime you will most likely replace the cat tree more than once. Your best bet is to find options built with durable materials that won’t break the bank.

What are some factors to consider when looking for a cat tree under $50?

Not all cat trees are created equal. Like the other furniture in your home, you need to consider your living space, lifestyle, and most importantly, your cats. It’s reasonable to assume that over the course of your pets’ life, he will likely wear through more than one climbing structure. This is where budget comes into focus. If you’ve decided to invest in a cat tree for your fur-pal, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Number of Cats

Even if you’re budget-conscious, you’ll want to consider not only how many cats you have, but their size as well. It won’t matter how much money you’ve saved if your pets have to take turns climbing a cat structure. Look for something with a sturdy base and multiple perches to avoid any battles.


The size of your cat structure will depend on your home and lifestyle. A one-bedroom condo might not be able to accommodate a three-tier tree! Consider where your cat tree will remain during the day, and try to position it in your cat’s “flight path” to encourage use.

Scratching Surface

If you’re looking to save money, It’s a great idea to invest in something that performs double-duty. A cat tree with sisal or jute posts gives your pets something to scratch and promotes good claw health.


In addition to sisal scratching posts, consider the type of materials used to build your cat tree. Solid wood is more durable than particle board, but it’s also heavier. Whether your pet prefers carpet or plush fabric on his tree is a matter of personal choice, but make sure you research how the fabric is attached. Look for loose staples, carpeting that sticks to claws, or not enough glue (which can cause the fabric to pull off prematurely.)

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