Cat Trees for Large Cats – A Complete Buyers Guide

What should you look for when buying a cat tree for large cats?

A cat tree designed for large cats should be sturdy, durable and able to take the weight of your large cat. It’s also important that any platforms and enclosures can accommodate your cats size.

It obvious that not just any cat tree will do! That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you by making a list of quality and stable cat trees for large cats. 

If you need help deciding which size cat tree to get, check to see if you’re large cat breed is on our size and weight guide below. 

Our Top 5 Available Cat Trees for Large Cats

Due to the current pandemic many manufactures are short on stock. While we do our best to keep this list updated, things can change fast. If any of these cat trees are currently unavailable you can contact us and let us know.

These cat trees have been proven to have all the qualities you should look for when buying a cat tree for large cats. That includes; size, weight capacity and durability.

Hey-Brother Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo

Dimensions from manufacturer:

19.7″L x 19.7″W x 43.3″”H (50*50*110 cm)

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Hey Brother 65″ Extra Large Multi-Level Cat Tree 

Dimensions from manufacturer:

21.7″L x 21.7″W x 65″”H (55*55*165 cm)

Armakat Premium Scotts Pine Large Cat Tree

Dimensions from manufacturer:

Overall Dimensions: 49″(L) x 34″(W) x 89″(H)

Base Dimensions: 24″ x 19″

Playhouse Dimensions: 14″(L) x 14″(W) x 12″(H) and 16″(L) x 16″(W) x 12″(H)

Perch Dimensions: 18″ x 18″

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The Armarkat Classic Cat Tree B5701

Dimensions from manufacturer:

Overall Dimensions: 71 x 64 x 147 cm (L x W x H)
Base Dimensions: 60 x 50 x 2 cm (L x W x H)
Den Dimensions: 38 x 35 x 30 cm (L x W x H)
Perch Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 5 cm (L x W x H)

Catry Large Activity Cat Tree for Large Cats

Dimensions from manufacturer: 

Overall Size: 23.5×23.5×50 inch

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In total we looked at seventeen cat trees for large cats. Each of which has its own features and benefits. Above are five options from five different brands that we approve of. Although all of the cat trees on our list are worth-while options, we narrowed it down to these five for the best quality and practicality. 

Do you have a Maine Coon? Even though many of these cat trees are suitable for Maine coons, We’ve also got a list of cat trees for Maine Coons and larger breeds specifically.

Large Cat Breed Size and Weight Guide

If you’re breed is on this list, this size and weight guide will help you decide which cat tree is right for you. 

Large Cat Breeds Size and Weight Chart


Our Top 17 Cat Trees for Large Cats

Which Large Cat Breed Do You Have?

Check out our list of most popular domestic cat breeds. We have listed helpful stats like size and weight which can help you decide which large cat tree to get. 

We have another list of amazing large cat trees: Check out more top rated cat trees for large cats and Maine Coons here.

Why Get a Cat Tree?

There are many different reasons to get a cat tree. Sure, cats love lounging on the bed, coffee table, and chair. However, they need their own space too.

A cat tree will keep your cats busy because they have something to jump and climb on. If you have several cats, they will find community in being able to hang out together in the same place. Cats see things differently than us. Where we see horizontally, they look at things vertically. A cat tree gives them the optimum vertical playground. 

A few other reasons to get a cat tree include:

  • Sovereignty– If you have several cats, the dominant one will be able to claim the highest perch and let everyone else know who the boss is.
  • Places to Scratch-Cat trees have various locations for cats to scratch their claws on. This will cut down on your cats scratching your furniture.
  • Exercise-Trees encourage exercise as cats run up and down them and jump from level to level.
  • Security-Some cat trees have boxes and tunnels that cats can climb in. These are perfect for when your cat wants to get away and they will feel more secure when out of sight.
  • Stimulation-Cat trees provide physical stimulation for your cat to be active.

Are All Cat Trees the Same?

You may think if you’ve seen one cat tree, you’ve seen them all. I’m sure your cats would disagree. There are several designs of cat trees out there, and it’s essential to know the differences between them.

Cat Condos-These are the most common type of cat tree. They usually have several levels and at least 2-3 perches. Some have ramps, stairs, and a low platform for your cat to jump on.

Cat Posts-This is the simplest of cat trees. It usually consists of a base, the scratching post is in the middle, and it has a platform or tunnel on top for your cat to lounge.

Condos with Themes-These shouldn’t even be called condos, they are more like a palace. These condos are usually enormous and have a theme like animal print or fur. The thing that makes these condos so unique is the multiple levels of platforms, tunnels, hammocks, ramps, and stairs that are built into them.

How to Choose the Best Cat Tree for Large Cats

When it comes to buying a cat tree for your big boys and girls, what should you look for? These are some of the things we looked at when picking the best cat trees for large cats: 

It’s All About the Base

This is one of the first things I looked for when I was going to buy a new cat tree. The previous post I got was okay at first, but eventually became loose and wobbly.

I wound up purchasing a tree with a 23.5 x19 inch base, and it has worked out well. Some companies even offer cat trees with more broad bases.


If you have multiple cats in your home, choose your tiers carefully. Most cats like to be up high, but some cats are more “low dwellers” and would prefer a perch closer to the ground. Choose a tree that has at least 2-3 tiers of varying heights.


You will want a tree that has several different perches for all of your cats. You will also want to make sure these perches are wide enough for your cats to lay on.

Scratching Posts

Cats use scratching posts for various reasons, including sharpening their nails and leaving their scent. You will want to make sure your tree has at least 4-5 posts for your babies to scratch on.


I think of these as little “apartments” for cats. These are the boxes on a cat tree where our feline friends can curl up and snooze. If you have multiple cats, 2-3 of these are a must.


This is very important, how long will it take to put your cat tree together? The best way to find this out is to read the reviews to see how long it has taken others to assemble the tree. Discussions will also tell you if you need extra tools for assembly.


Making sure you order a tree that will fit in the designated area of your home is crucial. Make sure you take measurements into consideration. Also, placing your cat tree in a corner is a good idea because it will have less room to wiggle around.


You will also want to make sure the tree you choose is made from materials that will last. Make sure you read the reviews to see what others are saying about the durability of the tree.

17 of the Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

Cat Tree King Queensplace XXL

Check Cat Tree Price This tree might not have a lot of bells and whistles, but what it lacks in amenities it makes up for in sturdy, durable design. This play structure is solid. Composed of high-level MDF board, it won’t bend or warp over time.

The entire tree is covered in neutral, velvety-soft plush, with a luxurious bed-like perch at the top. The supporting post is wrapped top-to-bottom in sisal, and at double the width of regular posts, it’s built to hold cats of formidable stature. A thick braided rope toy is suspended from the top bed, and won’t pull loose, even with rough play.

While this tree is definitely built with big cats in mind, there is only one perch at the top of the 30” post, which means older or less-agile kitties may have trouble leaping to the very top on their own, but with assistance, this should be easily remedied.

Whether glancing out the window, surveying his domain or catching a well-deserved cat nap, we think your big boy will love the XXL Queensplace cat tree. The simple, straightforward design and durable materials will give your pet a welcome retreat for years to come.


  • Built to be strong, durable and tough
  • Can hold multiple, large-breed cats
  • Simple, easy assembly


  • The high basket may not be accessible to older or less-agile cats without assistance
  • Cushion lining is not removable and can only be spot-cleaned

Hey-Brother Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo

Check Cat Tree Price Cozy to lie on and easy to clean, the Hey-Brother cat tree is a great choice for two cats or one big, happy boy. This tower has a multi-layer design that takes into account pets of all ages, sizes and abilities.

The perch at the very top has a plush faux fur pad, a great surface to rest play-weary bones and is removable for easy cleaning. Plus, the rolled edge ensures deep sleepers don’t take an accidental tumble. Each platform levels up intuitively, so as to encourage climbing without a struggle to access the next perch. Two roomy condos provide respite and privacy without the need for a battle, though the extended hammock is an extra snoozing source should you have multiple cats. The jingly ball toys suspended throughout the tree will keep your pet’s attention for hours.

Three sturdy beams are wrapped in sisal to keep claws where they belong, and the packaging comes with a wall strap for extra anti-toppling security. Between these assets and the CARB-certified board base, you can be sure that whether your fuzzy friends are playing, resting or climbing, the structure’s integrity remains secure to keep them safe.


  • Comes with wall straps and anti-toppling fittings
  • Pads are removable and washable


  • Some owners claimed their pets clawed through the plush into the wood.

Armarkat B5701 Classic Cat Tree

Check Cat Tree Price The Armarkat Classic Cat Tree B5701 is a good sturdy basic cat tree and that’s usually what adult cats want.  Overall, it’s 28’’x 25’’x 57’’ and it’s not terribly tall but the shorter size keeps it from wobbling.  The cubby hole is sized for a fairly large cat at 15’’x 14’’x 12’’ while the perches are 14’’x 12’’ and perfectly respectable for a medium to large cat.

The cat tree will hold up to 40 pounds.  It looks solid and it is.

Customers give it great reviews for stability, good looks, and ease of assembly.


  • It’s fairly solid
  • Easy to assemble
  • Soft warm faux fur fabric
  • Good for large breed or big cats


  • Hanging toy can be a safety hazard for kittens
  • Sisal wears out quickly

Prestige Cat Trees Main Coon Cat House Cat Tree

Check Cat Tree Price This is for sure one of the best cat trees for large cats. This tree has lots of room for all your cats and some extra features we love like:


  • This tree is made of solid, sturdy wood instead of cardboard.
  • This tree is covered with 40 oz household carpet for lasting durability.
  • The posts are hidden with sisal rope for a fantastic scratching experience
  • The product dimensions are 24“W x 24“D X65“H.


  • None

Amolife 68 Inch Multi-Level Cat Tree

Check Cat Tree Price

If a man’s home is his castle, then the Amolife cat tree is indeed fit for feline royalty. This multi-layered playhouse has everything a pampered pet could want, including scratching posts, soft perches and big condos, providing your larger-than-life cats a comfortable place to rest and play.

Safe and stable, this exclusive luxury cat tree is composed of CARB-certified particleboard for superior durability and stability. The posts are wrapped in natural sisal to encourage positive scratching habits, and are strong enough to endure repetitive use from lots of little claws. The rest of the tree is covered in super-soft faux fur plush, perfectly comfortable for surveying their kingdom or catching a quick cat nap. Designed for multiple pets, there are a number of perches, two luxe baskets and two large condos, so everyone can have their own designated space. Worried about tipping? Don’t be; the 20×16″ baseboard prevents wobbling or tipping over – this structure can easily hold up to 44lbs! As an added bonus, this tree comes with two fluffy hanging ball toys to keep your pets’ attention on playing and not on terrorizing each other.

Whether your pets are looking for a cozy place to rest or expand their territory through active play, the Amolife Multi-Level Cat Tree is big enough in size and scope to make each member of your fur family feel like a king.


  • Instructions and tools are provided in packaging
  • The structure is solid and can endure active play by multiple pets
  • All boards are CARB-certified


  • The suspended baskets might better suit smaller cats
  • Requires an extra pair of hands to assemble

Corner Cat XXL for Large Cats

Check Cat Tree Price If you need a luxurious, plush tree that fits in a corner, this one is for you. It features soft, plush material all over the tree, no wood can be seen. This tree features a ladder, a condo, two hammocks, four levels, four scratching posts, and a large bed on top. Your cat will feel like they are in heaven. Other things that we like about this tree are:


  • The poles are made of ABS, ensuring that the tree is sturdy and won’t tip over.
  • The hammocks can hold up to 44 lbs, perfect for big cats.
  • The condo at the bottom has a large entrance, also ideal for large cats.
  • It’s built to fit in a corner.


  • Not enough room for cats to go from level to level.

Armarkat Premium Scots Pine Model S8502

Check Cat Tree Price Don’t like cat trees with carpet to be vacuumed? Leave it off! For family members with asthma or allergies carpet can be a less than ideal choice.  This unique cat tree is wood. And it even smells like the pine trees it is made from.  It’s a little like Christmas all year round. It has a natural polished wood grain surface.  Over all it measures 36″X30″X85″ and the top cube provides cats with an excellent observation point.

Most customers liked that it’s made from real wood rather than toxic particle board and there’s no carpet to vacuum or hide allergens.  The cubes have soft cushions for comfort and the platforms are roomy enough for large cats.  The design provides easy climbing.  However, one con is that it’s slippery and cat’s with claws slide around on it. It could be hard for some cats to find enough traction.


  • Solid wood
  • No carpet to vacuum
  • No allergens (unless to pine)
  • Platforms hard and uncomfortable
  • Great high perch
  • Good design for large cats


  • Slippery and difficult for some cats to use

FEANDREA 67 Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats

Check Cat Tree Price
Are you looking for something for your cats that’s a little higher priced? This is the tree for you. Whether you have four cats or eight, they will have plenty of room on this tree. With four platforms, two houses, three perches, and a scratching ramp, you can’t go wrong. What did we like and not like?


  • Strengthened particle board for extra stability.
  • Reinforced posts.
  • Lots of places for cats to rest or play.


  • Vague directions.
  • Missing screws that had to be replaced.

Hey-bro 65 Extra Large Multi-Level Cat Tree

Check Cat Tree Price This is one of the best cat trees for large cats, if you have more than one big kitty. This tree has plenty of condos, perches, a tunnel, and a sun lounger. There is plenty of room for everyone. Things we love and things we don’t like are:


  • This tree has anti-toppling fittings for security.
  • This tree is made from particle board but has battens to enhance durability.
  • Reinforced posts that are wrapped in sisal rope.
  • Specially designed bigger compartments for large cats.


  • Hammock can only be assembled on one side.
  • Enclosed compartments have no board in the back, just carpet.

POTBY 67 Multi-Level Cat Tree Play House

Check Cat Tree Price If you are on a budget and are looking for a fantastic cat tree, this is it. This tree has everything from perches to condos to even a hammock. All are lined in plush material for the perfect cat nap. What’s a cat not to love? Some things we liked and didn’t love about this tree are:


  • A thick base design for stability.
  • Easily blends in with the furniture in your home.
  • It has a rounded corner design to protect cats and humans.


  • No instructions.
  • Missing hammock hooks on rare occasions.

FEANDREA Cat Tree Tower with XXL Plush Perch

Check Cat Tree Price We chose this cat tree because it sits lower to the ground. Not all cats love being up high, and we thought this is a perfect choice if you have a “low dwelling” cat. These cats still enjoy being able to lounge around but at lower heights. Although this is a smaller tree, it still has some very cool features like:


  • A large, plush perch, a condo, and a sun lounger. Most trees this big only have platforms and perches.
  • A double layered base for extra stability.
  • The ability to adjust the bottom in different directions because of various base plates.
  • Strong, thick sisal posts that measure 4.4 in diameter.


  • Soft material sheds.
  • Soft material is too thin.

BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo

Check Cat Tree Price Are you not too handy when it comes to assembling things? Do you want to get your furry friend a new tree but are cautious about putting it together? No worries, this is our top pick for easy assembly. According to reviews, the instructions and construction of this tree are easy, so you will have it up for your cats in no time. Some other things we like about this tree are:


  • It has three large, cushioned platforms.
  • This tree has two spacious condos to hide in.
  • Instructions, hardware, and tools are included.
  • The specs are 36.61“L x 30.71“W x 62.20“H.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • Some people were missing bolts in their shipment.
  • Condos made of cloth.
  • Perches have no side lip.

Cozy Cat Furniture 50 inch Carpet Cat Tree

Check Cat Tree Price This cat tree is a little on the shorter side compared to others on our list. However, it is not short on sturdiness. This tree weighs 50 lbs and is built to last for many years. The top tier of this tree can hold 30 lbs, and all levels can be vacuumed and spot cleaned if needed. Some of our favorite things about this tree include:


  • It is made with solid wood, not cardboard.
  • It comes pre-assembled, all you have to do is put the top tier on.
  • The base and perches are covered in thick, soft household carpeting and attached with staples.
  • It comes in five colors.
  • The specs on this tree are 20x20x50 inches.


  • You will need a power screwdriver to assemble the top tier.

Cozy Cat Furniture XL Cat Tree

Check Cat Tree Price As we mentioned above, some cat condos are more like a palace, and this condo definitely fits the bill. Here are some of the things that make it a natural choice for your cat.


  • This tree is 73 inches tall.
  • There are five platforms, perfect for multiple cats.
  • This tree has 2 condos for kitties to hide in, three perches to lounge on, and a basket to curl up in.
  • This tree comes with step by step instructions and tools.


  • Some people did not receive instructions with their order.

Armarkat Premium  Cat Tree X7805 

Check Cat Tree Price Neck-in-neck (paw-in-paw?) with the Trixie model, this fiscally-conscious 52” unit by Go Pet Club covers your pet’s basic tree needs without sending him outdoors to an actual tree.

Composed of compressed wood, faux fur and sisal rope, the condo is an ideal size for medium-sized cats. The ramp is a great touch for cats who might not be able to negotiate a ladder, and multiple perches add height and variance to your cats day-to-day activities.

We really liked this model for its size, which is easy on the eyes, and the price, which is easy on your wallet.

Dimensions: 21″ W x 21″ L x 52″ H


  • This condo is so well-priced, you might consider buying two!
  • Most customers claim this model is soft, comfortable and very durable.
  • Takes little time to put together.


  • The toys come off very easily
  • A few people have mentioned that the top level platform can be wobbly if not properly fixed to the rest of the structure.

New Cat Condos Large Cat Tree Tower

Check Cat Tree Price Handcrafted in the USA, this cat tree ships fully-assembled – there’s no allen wrenches or instructions to follow, which gives your pets even more time to jump on and dive in! The solid wood base won’t wiggle or wobble, so rest easy knowing even the most active cats will be safe and sound.

At 70” tall, this tree features multiple playing and lounging areas, and is great for larger cat breeds. We love the curved hammock-like perches, which provide a comforting cuddle as well as a surface to launch from. We’re also big fans of the cozy cat condo and covered tunnel, both of which can yield hours of fun, exercise and rest.

Our only cause for concern would be for larger older cats trying to access the top perch from the tunnel that rests just beneath it. Less agile pets might have difficulty accessing the apex of this structure, but with some help from loving human hands, this should be less of an issue, and the large, deep bed at the top will make the effort all the more worthwhile. Whether you have big cats or cats with big personalities, this solid wood, high-quality cat tree would be a welcome addition to any household.


  • This tree ships fully assembled


  • The carpeting can shed and come loose
  • On the higher end of the price spectrum
  • Some owners were concerned about their less-mobile cats accessing the top perch

Catry, Large Activity Cat Tree

Check Cat Tree Price This tree is designed to stand up to its toughest – and biggest – customers. From its wide, flat wooden base all the way up to the large perch at the top, this climbing structure has “tough” written all over it. 

The Catry “XX” tree is composed of high-quality laminated wood and carpet, and the supporting posts are reinforced with natural sisal and carpeting. The top platform has a removable pad for a relaxing, cozy place to nap. While the individual features don’t differ wildly from those of other standard trees, they collectively lend themselves to larger cat breeds. The mid-level cut-out is wide enough for your biggest feline family members, and the top perch measures 23×12”, which can accommodate your pet and a few of his friends!

We love how the base is durable enough to prevent toppling or tipping, and many owners claim the embedded bolts make the structure not only stronger, but a cinch to assemble. The Catry “XX” tree is reasonably-priced and the neutral color palette won’t overwhelm your living space. Truly, it’s an interactive playground for your big-boned buddies and fluff-monsters to blow off steam and expend their energy.


  • Well-priced for buyers on a budget
  • Cut out and platforms are suitable for large cat breeds or multiple cats
  • No power tools required


  • The sisal doesn’t wrap all the way up the posts; partial carpeting creates shredding
  • Active or rough pets might require this tree to be placed against a wall for added stability

Which One Is The Best Cat Tree for Large Cats?

When it comes to choosing the best cat tree for large cats, the Prestige Cat Tree is the clear winner because it is made of solid wood, is covered in ultra thick (40 oz) household carpet and has posts covered with unoiled sisal rope. This is all important because it points back to what to look for when buying a cat tree.

The solid wood is a quality material that will last for years and provide excellent durability. The household carpet is thicker than on most trees, which will add extra softness and comfort for your cats. Also, the sisal rope on the posts is good and sturdy to hold up under lots of scratching. This tree is bound to give your cats lots of lounging and scratching pleasure for years to come.

Lucie Wilkins

Lucie is a qualified RVN (Registered Veterinary Nurse) with over 10 years experience working with cats. She has had a cat companion or two in the house for as long as she can remember. Read more about Lucie here.

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