Armarkat A6501 Cat Tree Review

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Sushi on Armarkat Cat Tree

Design and Dimensions: 

Colors: Beige & Grey

Materials: Pressed Wood, Sisal Rope, Carpet, Soft Fabric

Overall Size: 30”(L) X 28”(W) X 65” (H)

Cat Tree Base: 24” X 24”

Dome Enclosure: 14” (W) X 12”(H)

Top Perch: 14” X 12”

Scratching Post Diameter: 3.5”

Max Holding Weight: 50 lbs

Armakat Cat Tree

Our Video Review and Demonstration of Features

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Pros and Cons


  • Includes tools and step by step instructions for easy and fast assembly
  • Toys and accessories for fun and exercise
  • Ample sisal covered scratching posts for scratching and climbing
  • Soft Hammock at the bottom and dome enclosure for hide away snuggles
  • Multiple platforms for your cat to enjoy climbing
  • Top perch for cats that love high up spaces
  • Well built sturdy cat tree at an affordable price 


  • Not suitable for large cats and big breeds like Maine Coons
  • Top perch could do with being a little larger so cats can stretch out on top

Cat on Armakat Cat Tree


The Armarkat A6501 is a 5 tier cat tree complete with a hammock, dome enclosure and high perch platform. There are plenty of sisal rope covered scratching posts for your furry friends to dig their claws into. Extra rope for biting and chewing plus fluffy ball toys ensure all your cats needs are met. 

More About Armarkat

Armarkat is a well established brand, and has been producing cat trees for over 20 years. Led by women from the start, they have grown a truly international and well known brand, spanning across the US, Europe and China. They pride themselves on creating high quality unique designs, and products your pets will love. With a line of over 100 cat trees, high standards of quality control and great customer service, it’s no wonder they’re one of the top choices for cat owners buying a cat tree.

Why We Chose This Cat Tree

The reason we chose the Armarkat A6501 for our cat Sushi, is that its smaller base enables it to fit snugly into the corner of our living room, while still having enough height and different types of platforms for our cat to fully enjoy it. The process of building was very easy and took us around 30 minutes in total. Sushi couldn’t wait to climb, and was half way up before we had even finished! 

Things to Consider 

I would say this cat tree is perfect for one or two small to medium size cats. Sushi is on the larger side of medium and just about fits comfortably in the enclosed dome, and on the platform at the top. The top platform is his favorite place on the tree… He thinks he’s the King when he’s up there, the look on his face says it all! 

If you’re looking for cat trees for larger breeds such as Maine Coons, check out our favorite options here. Or you can check out our favorite cat trees for larger cats, where you’ll find options suitable for multiple cats. 

Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing a Cat Tree


Measure your space first, and check the dimensions of the cat tree to make sure it will fit.

Do you have a large cat? Double check that the cat tree can accommodate large cats. 

How many cats do you have? Will the cat tree be suitable for multiple cats? 


What does your cat usually scratch around the house? In most cases sisal rope cat trees will be ideal, but it helps to get something that your cat already likes to scratch.

Wooden cat trees might be a better fit for those cats that spend more time outdoors. You can make a cat tree that looks like a tree using real tree wood. If you’re interested in starting a DIY project, check out some creative examples here. You’ll also find ready made cat trees with leaves available to purchase online. They have the benefit of providing your cat with the real feel of being outdoors. 


For your cat to be able to dash up to the top at full speed (as they do) the cat tree must be strong and sturdy. Look for a wide base that attaches to strong well made scratching posts. The cat tree should not wobble when it’s being climbed. 

Choosing the Right Accessories

Does your cat love to play? While older cats may be content with a plain cat tree for scratching and perching, younger cats will benefit from some built in toys to play with. Sushi absolutely loves the little fluffy ball that hangs from this cat tree. 

Does your cat like to perch up high? Sleep in a hammock down low, or hide away in an enclosure? There are many options to suit your cats personality, and if you’re not sure you can chose a cat tree that incorporates all of these features. 

Armarkat A6501 Cat Tree Features 

Our cat on armakat A6501

The Armarkat A6501 is built with the quality, endurance and style you would expect from a brand such as Armarkat. It makes a perfect choice for one or two medium to small size cats. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make this cat tree a good choice: 

Sisal Rope Scratching Posts

There are nine scratching posts covered in sisal rope to ensure your cats have ample areas to fulfill their scratching needs. Ideal if your cat has previously been scratching furniture. The larger posts are great for climbing too. Sushi literally likes to launch himself at the cat tree and use the posts to quickly climb up to the top perch (his favorite spot on the cat tree). The scratching posts at the bottom are the ideal place for a good stretch and scratch.  

Cat Tree with a Hammock

This cat tree has a hammock on the lower level for those cats that like to snuggle in a private spot with cover. You’ll see from our review video that our cat Sushi, couldn’t wait to try out the hammock on his new cat tree. It’s made from soft and silky material… perfect your your soft and silky cat to snuggle up in. You can check out more of our favorite cat trees with hammocks here. 

Cat Dome Enclosure

All cat lovers know how much cats love to squeeze themselves into small spaces, and the dome on this cat tree is no exception. Sushi was in there as soon as we had the dome attached to the tree. The dome on this cat tree is ideal for cats that like to hide away and curl up to sleep. Be aware that Sushi just about fits in this dome, so it’s not ideal for larger cats. In the case you have a larger breed cat like a Maine Coon, I would advise you check out the cat trees for large cats, where we give an overview of our favorites. 


Some simple but essential accessories with this cat tree, which come in the form of a biting rope and fluff balls toys on a string. At first we weren’t sure Sushi would use the biting rope, but as soon as we had the tree built, he was up there to our surprise gnawing at the rope. The fluff ball on a string is definitely our cat’s favorite accessory. He likes to sit on his perch at the top while playing ping pong with the ball. All in all, the accessories on this cat tree are a welcome feature and both approved and used by our cat. 

High Perch at the Top

A feature every cat tree should have, is a perch at the top. Most cats love to be high up. That’s why for us it was essential we found a cat tree with a high perch. Of course, since we set up the cat tree in the living room, our cat has chosen the top perch as his new favorite resting place. He loves to sit up there so he can keep an eye on everything going on beneath him. A high perch is ideal for a welcome rest from young children too! Sometimes children can become a bit much for cats, so it’s nice for them to have a place they can get away without being reached by little fingers. 


This Armarkat Cat Tree is packed with features that benefit your cat. The scratching posts supply ample scratching areas that will hopefully keep little paws and claws from scratching your furniture. There are places to hide away, and snuggle up in… and of course not forgetting the all important high perch, so your fur baby can keep an eye on his / her kingdom. Toys and ropes ensure that your cat can get hours of entertainment and exercise from this cat tree / activity center. This is a well rounded model if you have one or two small to medium size cats. However you may need something more sizable for multiple cats, or large breeds such as Maine Coons. 

Unboxing and Assembly Guide

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