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The Cat Tree of knowledge has many Branches

Our Mission is to Provide the Best Cat Knowledge, Written by Cat Lovers with Professional Expertise.

Here at KittyCatTree.com – The Cat Tree of Knowledge we strive to provide you with well researched and factual information about Cats. When it comes to caring for your cats, we know they only deserve the best! That’s why we put this website together for cat lovers all around the world to gain more knowledge about their beloved pets.

So whether you’re looking for information on how to care for the health of your cat, interesting facts about your cats behavior, or cat product buying guides, you can rest assured you will find 100% well researched content written by cat lovers who have not only cared for cats at home, but also work with them in a professional setting. 

Kitty Cat Tree will grow many branches of cat knowledge and will one day be a complete database of information for cat lovers. 

From Seed to Tree of Cat Knowledge

It all started 30+ years ago in a quiet countryside town, in Orleans, France. A little girl had just started to learn about life and explore her surroundings. She was lucky enough to be surrounded by nature, including many animals…

From a very young age she was drawn towards the animals around her, naturally wanting to love and care for the innocent creatures that she encountered on a daily basis. Her neighbours were farmers, and owned horses. There were always cats and other farm animals around, which she had the privilege of interacting with regularly. 

She quickly learned that the more love she provided for the animals around her, the more she got back in return. 

There was one particular animal that stood out to her. Perhaps it was their persistent meowing as she walked past them everyday on the way to school. Or the way that they would greet her by brushing up against her legs. 

One morning she came to the realisation that the two cats that had been greeting her seemed to be alone and stray. On the way back from school that day, she decided to take them home and give them some food as they looked very hungry… and with the help of her parents they put out a notice to the town about the stray kittens. No one came forward as their owner… Which of course Lucie was over the moon about… So this is how her life long relationship with cats began.

Since that day Lucie has always shared her home with a cat companion or two. She dedicated her career to working with and helping animals. In 2019 she founded Kitty Cat Tree. She now writes about cats, helping the tree of cat knowledge to grow more brances. Read more about Lucie here.

Meet the Amazing Team


Founder & Editor

A qualified vet nurse, and cat mom. Lucie has worked with cats professionally for many years. 


Lead Product Tester

Sushi does a great job at testing products for cats. He especially loves exploring new cat trees. 


Website designer

Alex lives with Lucie and Sushi, and takes care of the website design and all other technical aspects of the site. 

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