6 WEEK OLD KITTEN – A complete guide to loving and caring for your 6 week old kitten

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Kittens grow and develop very quickly, the first 6 weeks of a kittens life is crucial for their development.

A 6 week old kitten should still be left with their mummy. Once out of the womb they need warmth, food and protection, and who better to offer them this other than natures nurturer.

If its possible, kittens should be left with their mothers until at least 8 weeks.

If you have become the carer of a 6 week old kitten where their mother isn’t in the picture anymore, they will need to be loved, fed and protected by you.

As a qualified and experienced vet nurse, I have done my fair share of kitten nurturing over the years. With extensive experience and hours of research, I have put together this guide for you or anyone who is in need.


Weight:640-750g / 22.5-26.5oz
Teeth:Premolars coming in
Ears:Fully Upright

Lets talk about how to tell if your kitten is in fact a 6 week old kitten. At 6 weeks old your kitten is finding their independence and personality.

They are developing their fun little quirks and becoming themselves.

At this age they should already be able to run well and be very active and playful. They will be achieving daily tasks such as washing themselves, feeding, playing with each other, using scratching posts and toys.

Some may also already be coming to you when you call! Don’t forget to introduce them to the litter tray whilst playing and after meal times, just as a little reminder so they dont forget!

They may already be fully weaned, although some do still nurse and find comfort from being with their mother.

A 6 week old kitten will still have blue eyes at the beginning of the week, however as the week draws to an end and the 7th week begins to arise, their eye color will have probably begun to change to the eye color they will have as an adult.

Their claws wont be retracting yet, however you may see the skin getting ready to.

Check out this informative video about weighing your kitten.


If Mom cat is still in the picture she may still wish to nurse as comfort or supplement. if you have been bottle feeding its time to start to wean to a complete solid diet.

A 6 week old kitten should be eating approximately 2-3 times a day. At this age they should be able to go through the night without having a feed.

As long as they are continuing to grow, gain weight and eat when they are hungry then the schedule can loosen up a little.

You should still be weighing them each day to ensure they are gaining weight, this is a good indication to whether they have had enough to eat.

How to Introduce Solid Food to a 6 Week Old Kitten

You firstly will need to choose a milk replacement for kittens. You can first offer a small dish and dip your finger in and let your kitten try it by licking it off.

You can then begin to introduce solid food by creating a gruel (this is a mixture of milk replacement and a good quality wet food). As your kitten gets used to the intake of solid meals then you should reduce the amount of milk each time.

by week 10 your little fury superstar should be able to eat a non milk mixed meal.

If at any stage your kitten is failing to gain weight , please contact your vet.


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Your 6 week old kitten will be roaming around by now, but it is important for your kitten to still have a safe space.

Please remember to kitten proof your home, for example putting away loose wires, or small and dangerous objects must be take out of reach.

A cat playpen is a great way to allow your 6 week old kitten to roam freely, without the worry of danger. If you have opted for a play pen, you can place a cat bed in there for your kitten.

If you are choosing to allow your little cub to roam freely in your kingdom, the best approach would be to only allow them to explore one room at a time to avoid them becoming overwhelmed or panicked.

Deepening on where you have opted for your little fur baby to sleep, you should palce a cat bed there.

I have always felt like my kittens / cats are part of the family so I place their bed with us in the bedroom.


You will notice that kittens normally poo in accordance to the quantity of food they are consuming.

The more milk in the food mixture, the more frequently they will go and vice versa.

It is usual for a 6 week old kitten to go once or twice a day. If you notice your kitten exceeding this or alternatively it has been one or two days since they have last been then you will need to contact a vet immediately.

Choosing the Correct Litter and Litter Box For a 6 Week Old Kitten

It is very IMPORTANT (had to use the caps here to stress how important it is) that clumping litter is not used in 6 week old kitten litter trays.

Kittens, like infant humans love to put things in their mouth. If they were to swallow clumping litter it can cause some seriously harmful side effects such as bowel obstruction and more.

A 6 week old kittens litter box should be small enough for them to walk in and out of, however still with room to be able to move around a little. You can start to introduce a small plastic litter box now, if you were using a makeshift one before.


6 week old kitten

At this age kittens should be practicing their social skills, and what better way to do this than playing?!

Playing with your kitten for approximately 2 hours (broken up into short sessions throughout the day) will help them build confidence, bonds and social skills required for the big wide world.

Kittens of this age will love to play with toys, and this should be encouraged.


6 week old kittens should be kept with their mother. However if mummy kitty isn’t to be found this doesn’t mean the end of the road for the little fur baby.

Ensure you get educated, the supplies you need, and with love and care you can become the kitty mama of the year! go you!

The most important thing for them right now is shelter, keeping warm, full and content belly and love. After a few days they should gain some weight and if they are you are doing a great job! Keep it up!


Kittens aren’t kittens for very long, lap up every moment and remember to always seek professional advice if unsure.

For more info and week by week kitten guide please do check out our kitten care week by week.

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