20 Weird Things Cats do Explained

Funny Cat Sitting With Paws
Anyone who has ever been owned by one or more cats cannot deny that cats are one the most enigmatic creatures on earth. Just when you think you’ve come close to figuring them out, they leave you baffled, confused, and bewildered. Maybe that’s just part of their charm. To help you understand the strange little fur ball you share your home with we’ve attempted to explain 20 of the strangest things cats do: from leaving us gifts that make us scream to ‘’poo-phoria.’’

Going incognito

Cat hiding in the leaves From time to time cats enjoy hanging out under the bed. Cats need their space and they’re big on solitude.  This is why we often find them taking a nap in a closet, cabinet, or under a sofa or chair. If there are children in the house cats will hide under the bed to get a much-needed break from little hands.

Cats will also go incognito under the bed if something new is going on in the house: a new pet, workmen, a new noise, or an old noise like the vacuum cleaner.  If the cat is new to the home, it will hide for a while. This can be for a few hours or a few days until it adjusts to the new environment.
My Siamese will play hide and seek if he knows he has an appointment with his vet (the cat carrier is the dead give-a-way) or if he knows it’s time for medication. Crawling under the bed isn’t fun but it beats chasing him through the attic.

If there’s nothing new going on and the cat is not in the habit of hiding under the bed, he or she could be feeling sick or in pain.  Why? When a cat feels discomfort, they will attempt to hide from it, not understanding that it will go where they go. If your cat is under the bed in a hunched position, won’t come out to eat, drink, or for a treat, if it isn’t grooming itself, or has definite symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, and/or vomiting, it’s time to call the vet and take your cat in for a checkup.

Lucie Wilkins

Lucie is a qualified RVN (Registered Veterinary Nurse) with over 10 years experience working with cats. She has had a cat companion or two in the house for as long as she can remember. Read more about Lucie here.